Achieving Long-Term Success in .NET framework

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Achieving Long-Term Success
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The data warehouse project has been completed and appropriate measures have been taken to maintain it Now the business should be getting used to using the data warehouse and learning how to make it work for them This is not the end, but really the beginning This chapter looks to the future so that proper planning can be done to support expansion and growth of the data warehouse Several ideas are offered to help manage data warehouse resources across a large enterprise After a quick look at the future of data warehousing, the chapter ends by highlighting techniques to measure business value and sustain success
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Planning for Expansion and Growth
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Use of the data warehouse environment will generate new requirements, and problems will need to be xed as part of maintaining it The data warehouse support team may be able to accommodate some minor enhancements Beyond this basic support, enhancement requests and new requirements will need to be addressed Periodically, these requests must be reviewed and evaluated This can be done as part of a scheduled planning process These requests may be bundled into releases Each release should be handled as a separate project to ensure the coordination of sound design and development, complete testing, quality assurance, documentation, and associated education This planning is typically done annually in order to ensure appropriate funding for the upcoming year In addition to maintenance releases, brand-new projects may be de ned to tackle the work of adding new data sources or supporting completely different business groups In preparation for planning, the requests for changes and/or additions to the data warehouse need to be identi ed
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Part V
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Next Steps Expanding on Success
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Exploring Expansion Opportunities
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Usually, you can do many different things to enhance the data warehouse A concerted effort must be put forth to collect the many requests and ideas This work is often spearheaded by the data warehouse manager but carried out in collaboration with managers, business analysts, and/or members of the data warehouse support team These requirements can be identi ed in a variety of ways: Review feedback captured by the problem-tracking system that was discussed in 12 Send an e-mail survey to current data warehouse users to ask what else they would like to see or be able to do Schedule brief requirements review meetings with representatives from each of the major areas, using the data warehouse to gather and/or con rm their high-level requirements Go back to the requirements gathering documentation to see what other business areas and opportunities were identi ed Clarify with the business community which requirements are still relevant Ask the DW business support team for their input (although they may be the ones performing this work) This is not a full requirements gathering process, but rather a variety of ways to examine what the next data warehouse project(s) should tackle If the total number of items needing attention is too great, then the business and IT managers must do some initial prioritization to reduce to number of requests to a manageable size For the requirements that are under consideration, additional research may be required to ensure that the real objective or requirement is understood, and to gure out what work is needed to design and develop a solution to meet this need For each request, the ndings need to be documented This can be brief, but it should still be written down Details that need to be documented include: a description of the request; the reason or business purpose; a description of the technical problem or challenge that needs to be addressed; an estimate of the magnitude of effort (large, medium, small); identi cation of the impact of this change on all areas of the data warehouse environment, including the ETL system, dimensional structures, and the BI data delivery layer The business impact of the request should be captured when possible This includes the bene t of making the change and the risk of not addressing the request The research for enhancements to the data warehouse may be done as the requests come in, rather than waiting for the next planning cycle The collection of documented requests is used to help set the order in which they will be implemented
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