Architecture, Infrastructure, and Tools in .NET framework

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Architecture, Infrastructure, and Tools
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Of course, an architecture is only helpful to the extent that it is adopted and used across the organization The next section shares ideas for how to make this happen
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Making Architecture Work
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Architecture can provide great bene ts to an organization, but it must be developed with common sense It is easy to lose sight of the overall purpose, which is to provide structure to support the design and development of application systems It is easy to get swept up in the realm of architecture and de ne strict, rigid guidelines that can impede the ability of a project team to build a system Architecture should support and help teams, not prevent them from meeting their goals In addition, any architecture must continue to grow and change with the organization It is critical that the architecture be exible and adapt over time to ensure its value to the organization A rigid architecture is often disregarded and never used This is actually worse than no architecture, as time and resources were spent to develop it Developing an architecture that both provides order and is able to help project teams deliver real solutions is a challenge Companies are under a lot of pressure to meet the many demands facing businesses today It can be dif cult to invest in long-term strategies, such as implementing architectures, when dealing with serious short-term problems However, ignoring architecture is not the answer Both business and systems management have some responsibility for architecture From a systems perspective, it is important to ensure that your architecture is reasonable and that appropriate procedures are put in place so that project teams can utilize the architecture All projects need to tie into the architectural vision Many companies are good at these systems-related responsibilities Unfortunately, many companies stop there Business management must also actively support the architecture This means that everyone must be willing to make accommodations to ensure that the architecture is used Each individual project must be not only allowed but actively encouraged to adopt the architecture When getting started, this may add some time or additional expense to a project, but it should save time and money in the future As a joint business and IT management team, you need to work together to do the following: Understand the need for and purpose of the data warehouse architecture Support the enterprise viewpoint Not penalize projects or individuals who are taking the time to address enterprise-level needs
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Part IV
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Building the Project
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Not pressure project teams such that immediate needs overshadow long-term bene ts Look out for the long-term success of the organization Be willing to invest (time and money) for the greater good of the enterprise Understand the impact of short-term decisions on the long-term viability of the data warehouse Realize that many of the enterprise-level challenges have taken years to develop and will not be solved in the short term These will never be solved if you don t get started Project teams can be easily coerced to deliver short-term solutions Budget and schedule constraints are key motivating factors for most project managers and teams This means that long-term enterprise concerns are pushed aside in the interest of meeting individual and group goals: In other words, get the project done yesterday This is where the management team must step in to actively support efforts to develop long-term solutions Now that a general background about architecture has been provided, it is time to look more closely at data warehouse architecture Recall that two different architectures are discussed in more detail: data and technology While these two work together, each must be considered independently
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Data Architecture
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Data architecture addresses how the data is organized and structured to support the development, maintenance, and use of the data by application systems The purpose of data architecture is to create a blueprint showing how the organization is going to process and store data While a comprehensive data architecture will encompass all operational and data warehouse data, this chapter focuses only on the data architecture for your data warehouse This serves a different purpose and should be handled separately from your operational data architecture A separate, distinct effort should de ne the data architecture for operational systems These architectures interface with each other when data is extracted from the operational systems and may both interact in the area of master data management Advances in technology have made it easier and faster to move data than ever before It is possible to keep more history and more details, and to develop prototypes quickly The technical capabilities lure you into believing that you can do anything Unfortunately, reality dictates otherwise It is important to stop and ask whether all this really gets you where you want to be More
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