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Introduction to Dynamic-system Simulation
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Each drun command calls a differential-equation-solving simulation run, and reset resets initial conditions Typed commands ought to execute immediately to permit interactive modeling The operator inspects the solution output after each simulation run and then types new commands for the next run Commandmode operation also permits interactive program debugging [5] A simulation study combines such commands into a storable program segment (experiment-protocol script) that can branch and loop to call repeated simulation runs for different parameter combinations Simulation studies may involve thousands of model and parameter changes, so programming must be easy and computations must be as fast as possible This is why we like to interpret experiment-protocol scripts and compile the program segments executing the actual simulation runs 1-4 Simulation Software Commercially available equation-oriented simulation programs such as ACSLTM accept system equations in a more or less human-readable form, sort defined variable assignments as needed, and feed the sorted equations to an optimizing Fortran or c compiler [5] Berkeley Madonna and DESIRE (see below) have built-in equation-language compilers and execute immediately Block-diagram interpreters (eg, SimulinkTM, VissimTM, and the opensource program Scicos) permit graphical block-diagram composition and immediately execute interpreted simulation runs Such programs usually provide equation-language blocks for complicated expressions Interpreted code is slow; production runs are sometimes translated into c for faster execution Alternatively, ACSLTM, Easy5TM, and Berkeley Madonna have block-diagram preprocessors for compiled simulation programs More advanced modeling is possible with the Modelica language [6 8] 1-5 OPEN DESIRE and DESIRE The simulation programs described in this book, and, in particular, our new techniques for model replication (vectorization), Monte Carlo simulation, and submodels (s 3 7), use the open-software simulation package OPEN DESIRE for Linux, Unix including Cygwin (Unix under Windows), and Microsoft WindowsTM, or the commercially available DESIRE/2000 program for Windows1 DESIRE simulation systems allow inexpensive personal computers and workstations solve thousands of differential equations in seconds
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The earlier (1995) Windows version of DESIRE discussed in References [1,2] lacks the vector-compilation features used in this book
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How a Simulation Run Works
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DESIRE uses double-precision (64-bit) floating-point arithmetic and accepts command scripts and model descriptions in a readable mathematical notation such as
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y = a * cos(x) + b d/dt x = x + 4 * y
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Command scripts can include operating-system calls, shell scripts, and calls to other computer programs DESIRE s command-script language is itself a general-purpose mathematical language and handles vectors, matrices, and even complex numbers (eg, for frequency-response and root-locus plots) [9] Programs are entered and edited in editor windows (Fig 1-1) Each program begins with an experiment-protocol script that is interpreted much like an advanced Basic dialect When the experiment-protocol script encounters a drun statement, a built-in runtime compiler automatically compiles a DYNAMIC program segment listing model equations The state-equationsolving simulation run then executes at once and produces solution displays in bright color Very fast compilation (typically under 50 ms) simplifies interactive modeling Experimenters can immediately observe results of programmed or screen-edited models and experiment-protocol changes One can enter and edit different models in multiple editor windows and run these models in turn to compare results (Fig 1-1) Runtime displays show solution time histories and error messages during rather than after each simulation run, so that you can save time by aborting undesirable runs before they complete The experiment-protocol script starting each DESIRE program defines an experiment Subsequent DYNAMIC program segments define models used in the experiment and specify runtime input/output requests An experiment protocol can call multiple DYNAMIC segments with different models, different versions of the same model, and/or different input/output operations
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HOW A SIMULATION RUN WORKS 1-6 Sampling the DYNAMIC Segment Variables When drun calls a simulation run, the program initializes input/output operations requested by the DYNAMIC program segment The independent variable t (simulation time) and the differential-equation state variables start with initial values assigned by the experiment protocol2 A first pass through the DYNAMIC-segment code [Eq (1-1)] produces initial values of the defined
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Unspecified initial values of unsubscripted differential-equation state variables conveniently default to 0
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