Protecting Your Web Contents in .NET

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Protecting Your Web Contents
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Your Web contents are your assets, and as such they need to be protected from vandalism and hack attacks A poor or missing content publishing policy can result in security risks for your contents In this section I discuss a content publishing policy with security focus Also if some of your Web contents should not be indexed by Web search engines (that is, their robots) then you can use the robot or spider program control techniques discussed to be quite useful
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Content-publishing guidelines
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Creating a content-publishing policy is one thing and enforcing it is another After you have created your own publishing policy, discuss this with the people who should be using it Get their feedback on each policy item and, if necessary, refine your policy to make it useful Contents publishers and script developers should know and adhere to the following guidelines: Whenever storing a content file, such as an HTML file, image file, sound file, video clip, and so on, the publisher must ensure that the file is readable by the Web server (that is, the username specified for User directive) No one but the publisher-user should should be permitted write access to the files and directory
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Part IV Securing Your Web Site
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Any file or directory that can not be displayed directly on the Web browser because it contains information that is indirectly accessed by using an application or script should not be located in a DocumentRoot-specified directory For example, if one of your scripts needs to access a data file that should not be directly accessed from the Web, do not keep the data file inside the document tree Keep the file outside the document tree and have your script access it from there, because even if there is no link to these files from any other viewable content, it may still be accessible to others Any temporary files created by dynamic-content generators, such as CGI applications, should reside in a single subdirectory where the generators have write access This directory must be kept outside the content area to ensure that a bug in the application does not mistakenly wipe out any existing content file In other words, do not have a Web server-writable directory within your document tree This ensures that a bug in a script does not accidentally write over an existing file in the document tree To enforce clear copyright on the content, there should be both visible and embedded copyright notices on the content pages The embedded copyright message should be kept at the beginning of a document, if possible For example, in an HTML file, you can use a pair of comment tags to embed the copyright message at the beginning of the file For example, <!-- Copyright (c) 2001 by YourCompany; All rights reserved --> can be embedded in each page If you plan to update your copyright messages often, you might consider an SSI solution using the #include directive If you have a great deal of graphical content (images) that you want to protect from copyright theft, consider using watermarking technology This technology invisibly embeds information in images to protect the copyright The idea is that if you detect a site using your graphical contents without permission, you might be able to verify the theft by looking at the hidden information If the information matches your watermark ID, you can clearly identify the thief and proceed with legal action The strength of the currently available watermarking tools is questionable, as many programs can easily remove the original copyright owner s watermarks This technology is worth investigating, however, if you are concerned about your graphical content
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Protecting your contents from robots and spiders
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If you re serious about protecting your Web content, you should be aware of Web spiders and robots All search engines, such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, Excite, and Infoseek use automated robot applications that search Web sites and index contents This is usually desirable, but on occasion, you might find yourself wanting to stop these robots from accessing a certain part of your Web site(s) If content in a section of your Web site expires frequently (daily, for example), you do not want the search robots to index them Why not Well, when a user at the search engine site finds a link to the old content and clicks it to find out the link does not exist, the user will not be happy That user might then go to the next link without going to your site again
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