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dent, although it should have been expected from the predicted densities and con guration of circumstellar material It was concluded that the negative result might have arisen from the fact that the gas stream from the secondary, and the attened disc about the primary, is not permanent, this con rmed by spectroscopy A later study by Piirola (1980, 1981) reported that U Cep had given evidence of intrinsic p in 1972, but in early 1973, some 6 months prior to Coyne s study, the star was polarimetrically quiet In late 1975, when Piirola performed his observations, large increases in p were measured, these following other indications of mass transfer events The conclusion from polarimetry is that the effective radius of the primary star had increased during the period of high mass transfer and that the inclination of the orbit is about 83 Phased-locked polarimetric variability of AO Cas was recorded by Rudy & Kemp (1976) The polarization was explained by light scattered from a gas stream between the O-star binary, with the main scattering region being on the advancing side of the secondary star Later, phased-locked linear polarization was also recorded by Rudy & Kemp (1977) in u Her, a partial eclipsing system The peak-to-peak amplitude was very small ( 006%) with the principal variation corresponding to the second harmonic of the known 205 day orbital period Their favoured explanation of the behaviour involves the re ection of light from the primary by the facing hemisphere of the secondary Polarimetric determinations of the inclinations of ve binary systems (AO Cas, u Her, Per, U Sag and V 444 Cyg) were reported by Rudy & Kemp (1978) Observations of u Her were also made by Koch & Pfeiffer (1977) and compared with those of the Oregon team; colour measurements were also presented, indicating a fairly at variation A later study of the most famous of all eclipsing binaries, Algol, or Per, was conducted by Kemp, Barbour, McBirney, et al (1981) with single measurement accuracies of 0003%, revealing a B-band variation with amplitude 001% From the q, u locus, an eigen direction was found which matches that of the major-axis direction of the third component star (AB C ) orbit, as measured by speckle interferometry Various kinds of polarigenic mechanism were considered to explain the observed behaviour including re ections, Roche lobe internal scattering, and re ections from an optically thick attened gas cloud near the L 1 point For the star AW UMa, classi ed as a W UMa eclipsing variable, Oshchepkov (1974) obtained a polarization curve Relative to its light-curve, it displays maximum p at a phase of 0P 26, resembling the behaviour of YY Eri The position angle of the polarization carries little or no variation Taking into account its light variation, its spectral behaviour and the polarization waveform, the system can be modelled qualitatively by either the presence of gaseous streams emerging from one component which is ahead of the primary minimum or the system possessing a common atmosphere, but with prolongated shape from the phase of 0P 25 Four W UMa-type eclipsing binaries were observed by Piirola (1977) Changes in p over the orbital periods were very small, if any, and there was no evidence of gas streams, nor discs, nor any kind of detached matter in the systems
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Stellar P larimetry
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Using the data of Koch & Pfeiffer (1989), Fox (1994) has made an analysis of the polarimetric variations of Y Cyg This system comprises two similar B0 stars in an eccentric orbit (e 012) with a period of 2d 996, and a signi cant apsidal motion with an 42y 7 cycle No signi cant period was discernable from the polarimetric data spanning almost 13 years, but the polarization does change around the eclipse phases, but not in a regular way from period to period, suggesting that the primary star displays a variable stellar wind Coyne (1972) made measurements over a 4-year period of the eclipsing system Aur with an F2Ia spectrum and period of 27y 1 An increase in p was noted beginning at a phase of about 04, remaining at this higher level through the non-eclipse conjunction Encouragement was given to monitor this star over its long period, but no further measurements are available With reference to a photometric period of 0d 5914264, Luna (1980) presented polarimetric data for CrA, showing a variation containing the second harmonic From the standard model of Brown, McLean & Emslie (1978), he determined an inclination of 71 , agreeing well with the deduction from photometry The possibility of detections of circular polarization during eclipses of Lyr and BM Ori has been investigated by Kemp, Wolstencroft & Swedlund (1972), but with null results
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