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Remitting Federal Taxes
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Once Social Security, income tax, and Medicare taxes have been withheld from an employee s pay, they are essentially the property of the federal government and the company is merely holding them in escrow until the next required remittance date Depending upon the size of the remittances, a company may periodically cut a check for the remittance amount and deliver it to a local bank or Federal Reserve Bank that is authorized to forward the funds to the IRS Alternatively, companies with larger remittances are required to make electronic funds transfers directly to the IRS If a company uses a payroll supplier, then this process is invisible to the company, since the supplier will handle remittances Assuming that a company processes its own payroll, it must then determine the frequency with which it remits tax deposits to the federal government A business can make deposits in the following three ways: On a monthly basis Under this approach, a business must deposit its payroll taxes no later than the 15th day of the month following the reporting month This method can only be used if the total amount of deposits during the lookback period is less than $50,000 The lookback period is the four previous quarters during which deposits were reported on the Form 941, beginning July 1 and ending on June 30 of the next year When making this determination, include all Social Security, Federal Income, and Medicare taxes withheld during the lookback period A new employer will generally fall into this category, because the amount of the lookback period (which does not yet exist) is assumed to be zero On a semi-weekly basis The government will force one to use the semiweekly deposit schedule if the dollar volume of taxes during the annual lookback period exceeded $50,000 If not, deposits can be made on a monthly basis The semi-weekly refers to two possible dates in each week by which deposits must be made if a payroll payment date falls within that week If a payment date falls on a weekend, Monday, or Tuesday, then the deposit must be made by the following Friday If the payment date falls on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, then the deposit must be made by Wednesday of the following week One additional business day is added to this schedule if the day by which a deposit is required falls on a banking holiday Using electronic funds transfers The minimum threshold for this approach is $200,000 in deposits during the lookback period, or if the company was re-
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quired to use it in the previous year Once a company is required to use this method but does not do so, it will be subject to a 10 percent penalty Payments are made using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Under this approach, a business notifies its bank of the amount to be deposited with the government; the bank then electronically shifts the funds from the business s account to the government s This approach gives the government more immediate access to the funds No deposit coupon is required if this approach is used since it is only required to identify an accompanying check and this method requires no check The payment intervals are the same as those used for semi-weekly depositors, except that any company accumulating $100,000 of taxes for any payroll must deposit it on the business day immediately following the payroll payment date A business can enroll in the EFTPS by completing the EFTPS Business Enrollment Form (Form 9779) There is one special case that overrides all of the preceding depositing scenarios If a company accumulates a payroll tax liability of $100,000 or more as a result of a payroll, the amount must be deposited no later than the next business day, irrespective of the company s status as determined through the lookback method This special case does not continue to apply if a company s subsequent payroll tax liabilities drop below $100,000; however, if a company had previously been a monthly depositor, this situation will result in the company immediately converting to a semi-weekly deposit schedule
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Example: The Red Light Company, maker of lighting fixtures for traffic in-
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tersections, reported the following deposit totals: 1st Quarter 2003 2nd Quarter 2003 3rd Quarter 2003 4th Quarter 2003 1st Quarter 2004 2nd Quarter 2004 $ 8,500 $ 9,000 $10,000 $11,000 $15,000 $16,000
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The controller wants to know if the company will have to make semiweekly or monthly deposits for the calendar year 2004 Though the total deposits made during 2003 only totaled $38,500, the lookback period is for just the last two quarters of 2003 and the first two quarters of 2004, when tax deposits were somewhat higher The official lookback period contains deposits of $52,000, which is higher than the government-mandated threshold of $50,000 Consequently, the company must deposit on a semi-weekly basis
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