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Give Employees Direct Access to Deduction Data
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A major task for the payroll staff is to meet with employees to go over the effect of any deduction changes they wish to make, calculate the changes, and enter them into the payroll database This can be a particularly time-consuming task if the number of possible deduction options is large, if employees are allowed to make deduction changes at any time, or if employees are not well educated in the impact of deduction changes on their net pay A particularly elegant best practice that resolves this problem is to give employees direct access to the deduction data so they can determine the impact of deduction changes themselves and enter the changes directly into the payroll database To do so, one must construct an interface to the payroll database that lists all deductions taken from employee paychecks (with the exception of garnishments, which are set by law) However, this is not enough, for most deductions are usually tied to a benefit of some sort For example, a deduction for a medical plan can only be changed if the underlying medical plan option is changed Accordingly, an employee needs access to a split screen of information, with one side showing benefit options and the other side showing the employee s gross pay, all deductions, and net pay This view allows one to modify deductions and watch the impact on net pay Examples of deductions for which this data view will work are federal and state tax deductions, medical and dental plan coverage, life and disability insurance coverage, and pension plan deductions Though the primary emphasis of this best practice is on allowing employees to alter their own deduction information, it can be used in other ways, too For example, employees can alter the bank routing and account numbers used for the direct deposit of their pay into bank accounts, or change the amounts split between deposits to their savings and checking accounts They could also use this approach to process requests for additional W-2 forms or to download files containing the employee manual or other relevant personnel information An example of this approach is the dental plan On one side of the computer screen, an employee is presented with five dental plan options, all with different costs The employee can scroll through the list and select any option, while watching the selection automatically change the payroll calculation on the other side of the screen Once the employee finds the selection that works best, he presses a button to enter the change into the payroll system Such a system should include some selection blocks so that employees cannot constantly change deductions; for example, the software may limit employees to one health plan change per year This approach completely eliminates all work by the payroll staff to enter deduction changes into the computer An added benefit is that employees are responsible for their own data-entry mistakes If they make an incorrect entry, they can go into the system themselves to correct it The system can also be expanded to include other data items, such as employee names, addresses, and phone numbers In addition, the deduction modeling system just noted allows employees to determine precisely what their net pay will be, eliminating any surprises In a more traditional system, an employee might make a deduction change without re-
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alizing the full impact of the change on her net pay and end up back in the payroll office, demanding a reversion back to the old deduction level By using the modeling system, the payroll staff can eliminate such multiple visits from employees This system will only work if the company is willing to invest a significant amount of software development effort to design an employee interface, as well as to provide either individual computers or central kiosks to employees so that they can use the system Given its high cost, this system is usually only found in larger organizations with many employees, where the cost-benefit trade-off is obvious The software development effort required for this best practice is substantial, so it must be budgeted for well in advance, and must gain the approval of whatever committee schedules the order in which development projects will be completed Also, be sure to carefully document all benefit plan rules related to changes in the plans, so that employees are not caught unawares; for example, many dental insurance plans only cover the costs of participants for major dental surgery if they have already been in the plan for at least one year the computer system must warn employees of this requirement before they switch to a different plan
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