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105 VDSL technology
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Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) technology is the latest and fastest member of the DSL family to emerge onto the scene From a core protocol standpoint, there is very little that VDSL has that differs from ADSL VDSL uses DMT and QAM to support the delivery of frames of data and is capable of downstream rates from 1296 Mbps to as high as 552 Mbps in some cases Downstream reach can extend up to 4500 feet at approximately 1296 Mbps, depending on line quality Typical upstream speeds (away from the customer) are in the range of 162 Mbps to 648 Mbps, depending on the reach [12] VDSL operates in the frequency band located between 300 kHz and 30 MHz Because VDSL has such a short cable distance, and the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the form of radio frequency (RF) egress noise, tightly controlled limits need to be placed on VDSL network systems in order to prevent them from interfering in the internationally standardized amateur radio bands [13] However, the perceived installation and rollout of VDSL takes on a slightly modi ed appearance Due to the increase in bandwidth, shorter loop lengths are required With the issues already existing, and being revised, in the ADSL standard, the VDSL technology suggests a new layout, one that supports the use of digital loop carriers (DLC) to remote locations, then the installation and delivery of VDSL devices to neighborhoods To establish the VDSL remote locations, ber optic cable would be extended out to remote nodes, with VDSL proposed to make the remaining hop to the subscriber s premises, delivering voice and high-bandwidth data channels over a single twisted pair [14] The extremely high bandwidths available from VDSL will enable a new generation of broadband applications Even though the data rate is higher, it is likely that the shorter distance and more controlled transmission environment may make this technology easier (and potentially less expensive) to implement than other technologies VDSL technology is being addressed in various standards bodies throughout the world and in various regions In North America, the VDSL standard is de ned in a trial use standard within the ANSI T1E14 Committee ETSI de nes the European standard and the ITU is de ning the international version of VDSL with much dif culty, as line code choice for VDSL appears to be a matter of regional choice and technical scrutiny Virtually every combination of line code, speci cation and access method has been suggested over the last several years, with two major implementations being standardized in various bodies The camps are so divided that it is challenging to predict which line code will be chosen worldwide, and regionally in some cases Regional deployments of a pre-standards avor have already been installed, and much practical research work has already been accomplished worldwide on implementations of the standards
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Broadband Services
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While VDSL still has a planned track of future development and enhancement, its technological implementation proposes a future that is yet to identify an application that will overtax the technology on the user end
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Table 101 provides a comparison of the main technical parameters and typical application areas of the xDSL technologies discussed With each DSL technology designed to address a different market segment need, it is challenging to determine the best technology in a general sense Several marketing analyses and trade journal communications have already made market predictions on the best technology to purchase However, the best technology must be selected with the user/implementer in mind Since most home-based or business-based users are dependent on the service provider to implement a technology, choice may be a limiting factor in determining the best technology available If all technologies were available everywhere at all times (a challenging proposition), then the best technology choice would have as a lowest common denominator that of intended use Symmetric networks and asymmetric networks offer bene ts that differ As we have already discussed, traf c patterns and intended application types for a speci c DSL technology play a role in the speci c technological choice that needs to be made at the time of installation While individual users may have a clear vision as to the best technology for the intended applications that would be used on this broadband network, service providers do not, and must nd means for delivering the greatest services over the broadest needs base [15]
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