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a commerce site from Anthillcom) who sell Anthillcom commerce sites to other businesses and individuals for pro t In addition, Anthillcom af liates are compensated for each new business they bring to Anthillcom The af liates use an identi cation number when adding a business site to Anthillcom to receive compensation The use of independent contractors and Anthillcom af liates permits Anthillcom to develop a formable workforce similar to a large organization Principle 4: Build external relationships to compensate for limited internal resources Netscape would have been unable to keep up with the demands of Internet time without outside help The company had a powerful vision, experienced leaders, and an organization geared toward fast growth, but ultimate success depended critically on a wide variety of external resources and relationships These external assets compensated for Netscape s lack of scale in marketing, nancing, and product development Netscape was essentially able to exploit the Internet and other external resources to create a virtual workforce people outside the organization who were working for free on the company s behalf According to Matsko, individuals we train are equipped to promote the colony though a variety of means such as registering with search engines and maintaining promotions via traditional media (C Matsko, personal communication, October 15, 1999) As a result, there are thousands of individuals around the United States who work to attract attention to Anthillcom Other methods of attracting attention to Anthillcom include mailers, online promotions, and face-to-face communications For example, teams of Anthillcom employees meet daily with individual businesses Brad Thurber emphasizes this facet of company growth: Face-to-face communication helps us to personalize the Internet and our company It is a viable and successful approach to business (B Thurber, personal communication, October 15, 1999) Additional external relationships have been developed with a number of Internet companies such as BedandBreakfastcom, LotteryUSAcom, Mapquestcom, CardSercicesInternationalcom, sisna, FilmFrinzeycom, Astrologynetnet, Travelcom, and Barchartcom These relationships help to enhance the quality services offered by Anthillcom without requiring additional resources According to Thurber, we plan to develop additional relationships with additional Internet organizations, to help improve our site within our current budget constraints (BThurber, personal communication, October 15, 1999) Case Study: Fannie Mae Fannie Mae is an example of how a once successful company got away from a smart data approach, with a strategy for change and improvement, and ended up as a prime contributor to the Wall Street asco of 2008, and how the adoption of a SOE model could make them successful We postulate that the highest order activity shared by all enterprises independent of organization type and role is to optimize performance We also postulate that enterprise data is a most treasured asset, and that strategy
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focused on improving enterprise data is of equally high importance and aligned with enterprise performance optimization Generally, smart data is the product of engineering such that it presents itself to the right users at the right place and time in support of planning, problem solving, decision making, sense making, and predicting At one time, Fannie Mae embraced these truths and was successful In the near term, Fannie Mae ignored these core concepts of smart data as well as the methodology and algorithms that support the intended uses of smart data As a result, Fannie Mae has strayed from the smart data path and has become a liability as a government bailout Fannie Mae forgot that smart data is interoperable and supports quali ed users with diverse needs in an ubiquitous environment It refused to follow a paradigm that produced advanced data engineering technologies, including modeling and metadata management, and smart application of open standards that account for credentialing and privileging as a dimension of security In a nutshell, this is why Fannie Mae nds itself in nancial woes today The following case was conducted in 1999 and shows Fannie Mae adopting many smart data concepts Compare this environment with the one that Fannie Mae nds itself oundering in, a decade later, by ignoring the smart data paradigm Much like Where s Waldo, can you point out the numerous smart data concepts that Fannie Mae ignored in the following case, Managing Radical Transformation at Fannie Mae: A Holistic Paradigm [22] In this case, from 1999, we noted that change management is a critical issue in the current fast-paced business environment Organizations are being bombarded with global business change, innovations in communications, and rapidly evolving information systems capabilities Since there exists a paucity of rigorous and relevant literature on change management, we chose to embark on an in-depth case study to explore how one organization manages radical change We developed a set of theoretical propositions to guide the effort and act as a theoretical lens Our speci c research question is: How does an organization successfully manage projects that call for dramatic change to the way one normally conducts business The case study allowed us to test the propositions in the business arena with one organization It is hoped that this approach will offer insights and mechanisms to help other organizations effectively deal with change When we embarked on this study, we wanted to explore how organizations successfully manage dramatic change We began by consulting the literature on transformation, BPR, and sociotechnical management The literature helped us articulate ve propositions relating to successful change management We conducted an in-depth case study of one organization (Fannie Mae) involved in radical transformation to see how it coped We found that each of the ve propositions paralleled the case study in some way The case study provided a rich set of data that allowed us to delve deeper than the literature We were able to show that these propositions are in fact applied in at least one case We were also able to show that holistic management can increase information sharing and knowledge creation Fannie Mae approaches training and development in a holistic manner Top management is active and committed
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