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The last sentence is a problem because it implies all technology is a tool, and that is too narrow a de nition and context Broadly, technology is the application of science The National Institutes of Health (NIH) de nes it as a body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills, and extract or collect materials; the application of science (the combination of the scienti c method and material) to meet an objective or solve a problem [2] The Department of Labor (DoL) de nes the duties of chief information of cers as follows CIOs are responsible for the overall technological direction of their organizations They are increasingly involved in the strategic business plan of a rm as part of the executive team To perform effectively, they also need knowledge of administrative procedures, such as budgeting, hiring, and supervision These managers propose budgets for projects and programs and make decisions on staff training and equipment purchases They hire and assign computer specialists, information technology workers, and support personnel to carry out speci c parts of the projects They supervise the work of these employees, review their output, and establish administrative procedures and policies Chief information of cers also provide organizations with the vision to master information technology as a competitive tool General descriptions such as these are helpful in understanding normal expectations, although these are extraordinary times and keen attention must be given to how these positions t into the enterprise schema In fact, the enterprise must be engineered to perform in pursuit of aims that are de ned by the chief executive of cer (CEO) and supported by the executive team The CEO tweaks and guides staff leadership positions to accomplish priority requirements First and foremost, the CEO needs and should want greatly improved data and data analytical support in order to optimize enterprise performance Comparing our brief assumptions with the DoL descriptions, we believe that the CTO position as staffed by the government and by many commercial organizations should not be so tightly coupled with the CIO because much technology is not information technology per se New technology can shake the paradigm completely, such as synthetic fuels that can make all current engine technology obsolete overnight The chief performance of cer (CPO) position is a green eld notion that a dedicated professional needs to be able to objectively assess departments performance and to make recommendations about their metrics We embrace this idea as it emphasizes objective performance analysis that is most certainly data centric Commercial enterprises too are staf ng these positions with parallel expectations in the commercial context Perhaps the most signi cant assumption, one that is shared, is that superior products and services are the expected outcomes Nothing less than superiority wins in a global economic environment and that means optimizing the interplay between government and commerce While regulation is receiving a resurgence of attention, complementary and balanced attention must be focused on the government providing incentives for innovation in the pursuit of superior commercial performance such that the capital
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engine is reinstated and made healthy again Therefore the aim must be to achieve higher performance and higher standards than ever before These pursuits are made real with associated transparency and accountability with a data focus and with a smart data strategy such as we recommend For the Washington Post, referring to the CPO position, Max Stier wrote [3]: When it comes to government performance, one of the best ways to improve it will be to improve the way we measure it He added: Right now, our federal government relies on lagging indicators to let us know how our government is doing In other words, we need leading indicators, not lagging ones The CPO is a new position and after a false start at lling the post, the challenge is to grasp what President Obama wants to do with it We have some ideas as discussed herein Needed is a management approach to optimizing enterprise performance that is shared from top to bottom, and that is known and understood by everyone a transparent management approach It is a nontrivial activity to change the way our enterprises work, from being backward looking to forward looking While we are surely data focused, we want to clarify that it takes more acumen than numbers to run an enterprise A story by Al Ries says it all in the title of an article by him: Metric Madness: The Answer to Mathematical Failure Seems to Be More Math, If You Run a Company by Numbers Alone, You ll Run It into the Ground [4] The article describes the need for people with marketing and creative skills, to be able to generate new products and services that people need and want Smart data is needed as much by the creative professionals as it is by accountants The contemporary performance environment includes an internal view and an external one The internal view is something that we will discuss in this and later chapters, which describe technology that you need to have on board, or access to, to support smart data Having access to technology accommodates the notion of cloud computing, that is, where your enterprise subscribes to computing and communication services on a pay-as-you-go basis versus having in-house infrastructure Cloud computing is advancing and emerging rapidly and will surely enable smart data strategy as an extension to or as a replacement for how you manage computer and communications technology enablement On April 23, 2009, Reuters carried an announcement that International Business Machines Corp plans to launch cloud computing services this year, taking on companies such as Amazoncom Inc, Microsoft Corp, and Google Inc [5] You also hear terminology describing various levels of Web computing: Web 10 40 These generations of Web development are de ned as follows:
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Web 10 First generation and we are all there: interlinking and hypertext documents that are web accessible via browsers, web pages containing text, graphics, pictures, and so on Web 20 dmiesslercom distinguishes Web 20 as being a difference in how applications are implemented versus being a change in technology Differentiators include web-based communities, hosted services (ie, social networking sites), wikis, and collaboration
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