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Support: The staff of R and A typically support the process with as many as ve people involved Information: There are usually a couple of people in other organizations, inside and outside the buying organization, that need to be informed When you add up the number of persons it is at least 10 people involved in the decision These people are considered in uencers of various types They represent people who need access to data to support their roles in the process Not every person should have equal access to all of the data, as individuals have quali ed privileges based on their credentials and access privileges Employees are people who perform speci c functional duties in organizations interacting with supervision and with others Citizens are the ultimate constituents for government as customers are the ultimate targets for commercial business All people have logistics footprints comprising all of the things a person needs to live and execute their responsibilities They have personal footprints in their private lives at home They have footprints within the domain of organizations in which they belong The footprints are expressed and described by data Our lives depend on our logistics footprints and the data therein For instance, a war ghter cannot survive long without ammunition A sick person may not survive long without medication When the data links are broken, people may become stranded and vulnerable An employee of a commercial enterprise has a different contractual relationship with an employer than a war ghter has with his/her military service government employer Yet, both have logistics footprints comprising capital, materials, other people, and technologies: equipment, machines, software, real estate, infrastructure, and so on Interesting is the relationship between people and machines in the context of a system People may be supported by machines Machines may be operated by people Machines may perform work formerly performed by people, and there are economic decisions to be made about which is better people or machines performing certain work Making these decisions is in uenced by the environment and by economics, which are represented by data In the military enterprise, systems are often developed around weapons systems In government enterprise, planning and problem solving often begins with a propensity to preserve the bureaucracy or organization to which people belong In part, this is because people are leaders of the organization and participants who want to preserve their jobs rst We report this observation because when smart data strategy is considered as a catalyst for change and improvement, it is imperative that it be done from the top down such that it does not get compromised by subjective considerations that may resist change Yet, as we complete our work today, congressional leaders are second guessing automakers closing dealerships, otherwise compromising objectivity in the process of changing and improving
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Defense Secretary Gates completed a review of the type we advocate, which broke from the tradition of permitting bureaucracies to in uence the analysis; thus many more opportunities to reduce expenses and to reallocate resources became apparent On the other hand, when the Health and Human Services leadership developed their strategic plan, they socialized the effort to include representatives in workshops from all aspects of their community These are two striking examples of very different management approaches to planning and strategizing 5 Some data assets are shared with others in the enterprise community who are sometimes called trading partners, customers, constituents, and stakeholders From an executive perspective, here are some considerations Participating in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI), an af liate of the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), the topic was Social Media Attendees included representatives from the defense industry, and many more representatives from federal government agencies and their CIOs: Defense, Homeland Security, and Environmental Protection Agency, among others What do social media have to do with smart data George proposed a de nition to the group in the form of a whitepaper: Social media is a utility enabling individuals and organizations (government and commercial) to accelerate their information and communications needs for actionable data among their communities of interest At the time of this writing Dr Brand Neiemann, EPA Sr Architect, Of ce of CIO, EPA who was in attendance, said that he had been tasked by the Federal CIO Council to develop a draft policy for what the Obama administration is calling Datagov Datagov delivers on the promise to share with the American people everything about the government in as complete transparency as possible Data entering your enterprise that you want Driven by your balanced scorecard, for instance, what information do you need and want Information that you need is represented in the data model for your enterprise Your enterprise data model depicts all of the data needed by your processes to achieve prescribed results It should include identifying sources of data, internal and external When performing a data audit, you may determine that some external sources are not providing data that you need When these external sources are subcontractors and suppliers, you may have leverage to improve the situation When these external sources are customers and competitors, you may discover different means for improving data accessibility Data entering your enterprise that you don t want Cyber security restricts most intruders Data that is inaccurate for any reason is information that you do not want There are other criteria for unwanted data and that may be worth brainstorming
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