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Why Enterprise Engineering
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According to Johan den Haan [27]:
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The successful implementation of strategic initiatives in Enterprises is very dif cult According to Hoogervorst [28] numerous studies show that less than ten percent of strategic initiatives are implemented successfully Hoogervorst also refers to a lot of studies showing that a lack of coherence and integration is the most important reason for this high failure rate All elements (resources, business and organization) should be aligned with one another for making a great corporate strategy The failing introduction of IT has also a lot to do with this lack of coherence and integration According to Hoogervorst (based on several studies), the power to do a coherent implementation of strategic choices is more important than the quality of these strategic
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choices itself So an integral design of the enterprise is essential for being successful [28] In this way competences for realizing integral designs are even more important than competences for formulating corporate strategy! Problems in enterprises are often addressed with use of black box thinking based knowledge, ie, knowledge concerning the function and the behavior of enterprises Such knowledge is totally inadequate for changing an enterprise to meet its goals For these purposes white-box based knowledge is needed, ie, knowledge concerning the construction and the operation of enterprises According to Dietz and Hoogervorst [29] developing and applying such knowledge requires no less than a paradigm shift in our thinking about enterprises, since the traditional organizational sciences are not able to ensure that enterprises are coherently and consistently integrated wholes They call for a new point of view: The needed new point of view is that enterprises are purposefully designed, engineered, and implemented systems The needed new skill is to (re) design, (re) engineer, and (re) implement an enterprise in a comprehensive, coherent and consistent way (such that it operates as an integrated whole), and to be able to do this whenever it is needed
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Roots of Enterprise Engineering Enterprise engineering (Figure 417) is a new eld, emerging from information systems engineering and the organizational sciences From top to bottom the evolution of thinking within the eld of computer science is shown It consists of two parts The rst revolution, around the 1970s, was the recognition of the difference between form and content Data systems engineering became information systems engineering
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At the moment the second evolution/revolution is going on It consists of recognizing two different parts in communication: proposition and intention Proposition can be seen as content while intention expresses the relation between the communicator (by example, the speaker) and the proposition Examples of intention are requesting, promising, stating and accepting Like the content of communication was put on top of its form in the 1970s, the intention of communication is now put on top of its content It explains and clari es the organizational notions of collaboration and cooperation, as well as notions like authority and responsibility For a more comprehensive explanation of the concept of intention I d like to recommend the book Enterprise Ontology [30] This current revolution in the information systems sciences marks the transition from the era of information systems engineering to the era of enterprise engineering However, Enterprise Engineering is closely related to organizations, so it focuses on
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The roots of enterprise engineering [29]
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a socio-technical system Therefore it adopts also knowledge of the organizational sciences Enterprise Engineering is about engineering enterprises in the sense of focusing on the construction, the white-box view, of enterprises It doesn t forget that an enterprise is a system also consisting of people [27]
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The Core Notions of Enterprise Engineering
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As said before, the basic condition of Enterprise Engineering is that an enterprise is designed and engineered coherently and consistently To make that happen two core notions are needed: ontology and architecture The ontology of a system is theoretically de ned as the understanding of its construction and operation in a fully implementation independent way Practically, it is the highestlevel constructional model of a system, the implementation model being the lowest one Compared to its implementation model, the ontological model of an enterprise offers a reduction of complexity of over 90% [30] This reduction of complexity makes an organization for a manager intellectually manageable and transparent It also shows the coherence between all elds within the enterprise, like business processes, work ow, organization structure, etc
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While ontology describes the system itself, architecture describes how to design a system We adopt here a prescriptive notion on architecture [27] Conclusion Johan den Haan concludes [27]: We think Enterprise Engineering is a nice, and needed, point of view for designing and implementing enterprises The important notions of ontology and architecture are very useful in reducing complexity and in giving more insight in the construction (white box view) of an enterprise Present and Near-Term Thinking This section is intended to address the next 5-year situation as far as we can determine As near term as this window is, the picture remains foggy due to a number of factors:
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The US economy is in a state of correction for which the outcome is uncertain A new political administration is still getting established while dealing with crises on an unprecedented scale Changes are being made and the environment is uid
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Furthermore, at this writing in 2009, the fth year from now is 2014, two years into a second term for the Obama administration or into a new administration altogether Will there be an American enterprise strategy Will there be smart data strategy in government and commercial enterprise Will the notion of enterprise performance optimization support systems take shape The probability of these things happening will be based on success in securing attraction to these ideas through publishing, academic work, and public organizing through professional associations like the AFEI and political engineering
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