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will make data smart Furthermore, the most serious de ciency is the absence of focus on the executive user as a principal customer The basic premise of Cloud Computing is that users are not required to have knowledge or expertise or central control over enabling technology We return executive focus to enterprise data and suggest that leaping to the cloud must be a more deliberate and thoughtful evolution While cloud service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Sun, and Yahoo may push forward, and early adopters like GE, L Oreal, and P &G gain experience, enterprises should place much higher priority on understanding and managing their enterprises Computation organized as a public utility may emerge from enterpriseled requirements, and not by technology push Cloud computing is taking hold in software development by providing dynamic, exible tools and processes that can be shared across teams and have traceability across projects Such a exible environment can be accessed from a virtual private cloud within the corporate data center or from public clouds The pooled physical and virtual machine capacity of a cloud can be used for more exible automation and reuse across projects This concept of looking at servers as clouds or as pools of virtual resources allows developers to manage and store software from one interface and the visibility to charge back resources per project The purpose of the following case study is to demonstrate, from the Microsoft side, how a cloud can be utilized to set up and run a BizTalk server that enables interoperable and optimized smart data transmissions BizTalk is a business process management server, and therefore a holistic management approach It provides business effectiveness by focusing on aligning organizations with the wants and needs of clients The purpose is to optimize business processes [20] Actual Name Construction and Adaptation of a Cloud in the Development and Testing of a BizTalk Server Background The customer is the DLA in this example but it can be applied to any business Goals Utilize cloud computing concepts to construct and validate an integrated BizTalk server for facilitating supply chain management Decision Should the BizTalk cloud be applied throughout the government and private supply chain communities IT Support Provide a methodology to help standardize data capture, recording, and processing in a supply chain environment and integrate with existing ERPs to form a SOE in the future that will save costs and improve ef ciencies BizTalk enables the user to communicate through the use of adapters with different software systems Business processes can be automated and integrated through it In the following case, those applications are described which are necessary to set up BizTalk for a project These applications include Microsoft Virtual PC, Orchestration, SharePoint, SQL, and SOAP/Web This case helps to reiterate our smart data paradigm that, for the executive, cloud computing is an infrastructure and enterprise services alternative akin to outsourcing
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However, more like subscribing to IT capabilities as a utility and paying for what you use, we used Microsoft Virtual PC to set up both operating systems, such as Server 2008, and many of the applications necessary for BizTalk to perform its functions In the orchestration application we use a UML sequence diagram to illustrate how parts and messages may be relayed through the cloud, via a network of various vendors that point back to the purchaser In our example, we used the Defense Logistics Agency as the focal point From a smart data perspective, we are using this case for evaluating how the cloud computing alternative can deliver data to the executive more effectively and ef ciently The physical schema describes how the cloud alternative supports enterprise interoperability such that data exchange is frictionless, how enterprise performance is optimized, and how enterprise assets are protected in the process In our cloud, the rst thing that occurs is a request from the military that it needs something such as bulletproof glass, armor, bullets, or screws The request is sent to the Defense Logistics Agency, which basically is a warehouse for the military If the DLA does not have what was requested, the DLA will talk to the speci c vendor who can provide the order, such as Lockheed Martin or Boeing Now the message is with the vendor The vendor will send out an order to the private smaller companies for the item that was requested The company will manufacture what was requested and send it on to the vendor As soon as the smaller company sends it to the vendor, the DLA will be informed of the order The vendor will then ship it to the DLA and from there it will be shipped to whoever requested the product in the beginning of the process Figure 410 illustrates how an order is processed, from the DLA to a vendor The DLA sends the order to the vendor, together with information about the speci cation and the quantity The vendor responds with information about delivery time and other pertinent smart data
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