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1 Requirements Planning 11 Meet with client management, stakeholders, and technical points of contact 12 Analyze current system architecture 13 Based on the performance work statement, update and create business models while researching and analyzing system enhancements 14 Evaluate and select products required to support the to-be architecture including risks and dependencies 15 Finalize system architecture 16 Document interoperability requirements and speci cations and publish and solicit feedback 2 Discover, Design, and Develop 21 Identify relevant elements, content, and usage within the subject business procedures 22 Obtain schema and sample databases from each stakeholder 23 Import application models and metadata into COTS tools and identify sources of information 24 Analyze data and process models with respect to mapping ISO 10303AP239 PLCS standard or comparable standard to the customer domain 25 Develop new use case business process models as required 26 Generate Express models to extend the PLCS information model 27 Develop and update ontology les as applications are incorporated into the enterprise model 28 Incorporate vendor neutral software architecture 29 Develop transformation software to facilitate interoperability rules and processes 210 Develop updated test plans 211 Perform rst level programmer testing and debugging 212 Perform integrated functional testing and debugging 213 Execute interoperability demonstration 214 Create version controlled baseline for independent veri cation, validation, and acceptance 215 Schedule and implement release of complete product version 3 Install and Test 31 Develop a plan for site implementation, installation, and initial operating capability (IOC) 32 Conduct installation training survey (user information roles and responsibilities) 33 Schedule and conduct training 34 Develop implementation schedule
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35 Con gure and install site unique information 36 Conduct pre-IOC 37 Perform site IOC 4 Accredit and Transition to Sustainment 41 Develop system security authorization agreement to obtain DoD Information Technology Security Certi cation and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) 42 Develop plan for system migration 43 Attain DITSCAP 44 Implement Help Desk 45 Schedule change control meeting 46 Publish results This level of effort was performed by 13 individuals as follows:
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Program manager Project manager Integration and interoperability architect Transformation mapping specialist/data architect Process manager Process modeler Adapter developer Technical infrastructure services administrator SME/functional expert Knowledge manager Content editor Repository specialist Business case, cost, economic analyst
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The effort lasted approximately one year The performance of this work produced the technical solution to facilitate interoperable data exchange among disparate users without changing legacy systems The technical solution is an artifact that is leverageable and transferable to a host of Department of Defense needs under an executive strategy and direction to do so Model-Driven Data Exchange As part of the ELITE program, we invented a better way to exchange data Generally, observe the following:
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A product producer of a highly engineered product (helicopter) is responsible for total product life cycle support The customer is the US Department of Defense and each military service
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Military services have different roles and responsibilities as users and product repair and maintainers (For example, Army provides central repair and maintenance for all military services for the H60 helicopter) All participants have different and disparate information technologies All participants have different and disparate processes Common are overarching contracts, laws, and regulations Common is the DoD net-centric data strategy A shared outcome is to maximize weapon system availability for war ghters while minimizing repair costs and cycle time Fluid is the developing Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and its in uence as guidance over department initiatives such as the DoDAF
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The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is a reference model to organize the enterprise architecture (EA) and systems architecture into complementary and consistent views inspired by the Zachman framework: operational view, systems/services view, and technical/standards view In our next example, we employed the Zachman framework as if we were performing in an enterprise context and found it useful The dynamics in this case are likely common among many other weapon systems programs, and generally representative of systems and circumstances throughout defense and military services operations Therefore the resulting solution should be transferable and applicable throughout the defense enterprise community At the outset, missing is executive leadership and sponsorship at the Joint Command level since multiple military services are involved The project is characterized as an information technology pilot demonstration that is intended to be a spiral development Spiral development is intended to be an iterative process, advancing on merit from phase to phase (Figure 43) The spiral process in this circumstance, and similar to many others, is out of context of the mainstream program funding and budgeting process, which we will discuss as another case study analysis What this means is that in the absence of executive sponsorship and being out of context of mainstream funding, even a successful demonstration is likely to reach a dead end This circumstance is symptomatic of a problem, not just in the DoD, but in government enterprise in general It underscores why a smart data strategy is needed as a catalyst to change the way government does business with a top down focus on data and resulting performance outcomes that is a product of how work gets done This is too big a problem to bite off in this simple case instance, although the symptoms are clearly evident everywhere one turns We developed and learned what is necessary through two principal programs: Enterprise Logistics Information Trading Exchange (ELITE), and the Joint Strike Fighter Single Point of Entry (JSF SPOE) ELITE has no security restriction and the results are in the public domain, whereas the JSF SPOE program is a secure program and under restrictions Therefore we will focus on ELITE and will identify other open programs that illustrate experience similar to JSF SPOE
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