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Selecting the right customers to service Attending to all constituents and speci c needs (government) Selecting the right things to do Organizing activities and designing work Attributing activities with application of a superior mix of people and technology Applying scarce resources in an optimal manner Structuring the balance of consequences such that doing the right things the right way is rewarded and deviations are dissuaded Ensuring that customers receive valuable results Assuring stakeholders that the enterprise is performing optimally
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Data is at the heart of each of these management activities and that is why we focus on data as a principal contributor to optimizing performance In today s global performance environment, we are cognizant of economic and political factors that affect the creation and ow of capital and materials moving commercial and government enterprise We address these issues to the extent that our focus and subject relates, as they do indeed, though we resist the temptation to deviate from our immediate focus that is bounded by the terms enterprise performance optimization and smart data We employ two types of case studies to support and illustrate our ideas: (1) scienti c/academic and (2) anecdotal/programs The scienti c/academic examples tend to support the technical aspects of smart data whereas the anecdotal/programs are more philosophical and qualitative All examples are intended to give real world life to our ideas We ask our readers to work with us to discover the transferability of our examples horizontally, across different types of enterprises, functions, and structures as they truly apply broadly We ask you to understand that our efforts to develop, innovate, and apply our ideas are constrained by the opportunities that we have to work with client organizations Therefore they may not be perfect examples, though they are surely honest ones DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS: EXECUTIVE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIST This text is written from different viewpoints: 1 Government: James George is a government consultant who also has extensive commercial enterprise management experience and is also a business process improvement consultant 2 Academia: Dr James Rodger is a college professor and government and commercial consultant who worked with George on the Battle eld Backorder Initiative (B3I) and Supplier Response Improvement Program (SRI)
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for the US Department of Defense Dr Rodger is an expert in the subject of decision support and management information systems The B3I/SRI project involved analyzing millions of backorder military parts records to determine attributes that could be used to predict, prevent, and mitigate perpetual shortages plaguing actual war combatants The effort produced predictive methodology and algorithms that illustrate the applications of a part of our vision for smart data and smart data strategy Former DOD client (retired), Donald Hall, collaborated with George in creating the Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE) paradigm and notion of smart data
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RECENT EXPERIENCES AND USING THIS BOOK Some contributions to the effort are from recent experiences that have produced pioneering achievements in enterprise integration included:
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Creating the SOE paradigm for the US Department of Defense Developing data exchange capability leveraging international standards for neutral translation Developing the Integrated Data Strategy (IDS) for DOD with roots in ideas developed by aerospace contractors Harmonizing electronic business standards and practices in the aerospace and defense industry Pioneering uses of metadata Applying arti cial intelligence methods to decision making Publishing case studies on business process redesign Creating algorithms to solve complex business problems Generating program coding to enable problem solving
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This text employs comparisons and contrasts to differentiate the unique characteristics and value from the smart data paradigm and is written with the following ideas in mind:
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Directly addresses the responsibilities of Mr/Ms Secretary and CEO Compares/contrasts enterprise performance optimization versus enterprise integration Makes data strategy an explicit element of enterprise performance optimization versus subordinating to infrastructure elements Compares/contrasts government enterprise versus private enterprise, and collaboration Compares smart data exchange versus standardization
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