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Setting the Scene - Pizzas to Go
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The next step for the operator is to ask if the pizza will be delivered or picked up If it will be picked up the customer is presented with a list of outlets (when possible} based on the postal code that was provided The customer can then select the outlet of choice When the pizza is ready for delivery, the system automatically selects the outlet based on the proximity to the address of delivery This is really done by a third party product that we shall call FastAddress This product requires a postal code, city and address Given this information it will return either an outlet code for the closest outlet or 0 when there is no outlet available at a reasonable distance The customer is now presented with the Special of the Day Mrs Marketroid, the vice president of Marketing of Pizza2Go maintains the responsibility of coming up with new special promotions on a daily basis These typically are discounted pizzas, depending on the inventory of specific ingredients or "three for two" kind of deals These promotions are handled as a special part of the order taking process When taking an order, firat a unique order number is assigned and then the items are taken, Pizza2Go i a simple outfit, in the sense that the customer can only choose from a fixed menu of pizzas It does not allow the customer to create their own pizza The only option is the size of the pizza The operator interacts with the following form:
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As the order is being entered the price of every item is calculated and the total price of the order is updated This brings us to how the prices are handled There is a price table, which depends on the size of the pizza The price is carried in US Dollars For Canada and Mexico, the price is calculated by taking the US price and applying a conversion Factor (for example, the Canadian Dollar is 070 and the Mexican Peso is 010) Additionally, the conversion routine performs some interesting rounding logic I the conversion is to Canadian Dollars it will round to the nearest 099, that is, if the result of the conversion rate is $1062, it will round to $1099, In the case of Mexico, the rounding is to the next full Peso, as cents are no longer handled there So $7689 will be rounded to $77 Incidentally, all three currencies share the same symbol, $, which makes life a little easier for the report writers When the order is completed, it is then faxed over to the selected outlet Even thought the latest and greatest fax technology is being used for this, there is still no way to be sure that an outlet receives the order This particular process is the weak link of the application and has been spotted by Mr Wonderboy as a potential big problem
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Pizza2Go has a centralized inventory system, which is updated with every order that is processed This way the stores are stocked on time with the necessary ingredients The inventory system also is updated with the POS information at the end of the business day to take care of the walk-in orders Here again the POS information is faxed back to the central location Same weak link, and even worse, they employ a legion of data entry clerks to input the data which is not always readable Luckily, only 6% of the sales are walk-ins As part of their efficient inventory system and also because they have to deal with different measuring standards due to the international presence, Pizza2go has selected an empirical measure they call units These units are used for measuring the ingredients that make up the different items in the menu For example, a small pizza uses one unit of dough, whereas a large pizza will use three units of dough Ingredients are packaged in multiples of units, so for example a dough package has twelve units Another example is presented in the following table Pizza Quattro Stagioni Tomatoes Mozzarella Sliced Mushrooms Cooked Ham Olives Chopped Artichokes Small
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