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at random intervals, and synchronous processes, in which data streams can be delivered only at specific intervals Isochronous service is not as rigid as synchronous service but not as lenient as asynchronous service ITFS Instructional Television Fixed Service; a method of broadcasting TV programs throughout school systems via low-power, highfrequency transmitters ITU International Telecommunications Union; a body that sets standards for videoconferencing jog To move a videotape forward or back a very short distance (one or two frames) in search of the perfect place to edit jump cut An edit from one scene to a very similar scene, causing the picture to jump from one position to another Such edits should be hidden by video inserts of related scenes (cutaways) juxtaposition Editing together opposites, such as opposing views or conflicting responses to a question key (or luminance key) Special effect in which the dark parts of one camera s picture are replaced with parts from another camera s picture kilohertz One thousand cycles (vibrations) per second, represented by 1 kHz, which is near the sound frequency of speech LANC Local Application Network Control; a Sony-developed system for controlling VCRs (mostly 8 mm, Hi8 camcorders) over a two-way communications link LCD Liquid-crystal display leader Unrecorded space (from 10 seconds to 3 minutes) at the beginning of a tape, often used to protect the actual program from threading damage Also, unrecordable plastic tape attached to the beginnings of cassette rolls LED Light-emitting diode; a tiny lamp that can blink very quickly, uses little power, and lasts a long time Often used as an indicator on equipment
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lighting ratio A comparison between the brightest part of a subject and the darkest If the brightest white in a performer s shirt measured 60 fc (footcandles) and his or her black hair measured 2 fc, then the lighting ratio would be 60/2 = 30 light valve projector or liquid-crystal light valve (LCLV) projector Expensive, professional projector that creates bright images by bouncing light off a reflective surface inside The reflective surface changes its reflectivity based on the video or computer images presented to it limiter Electronic audio device that automatically reduces the volume of loud audio signals but does not change the normal or weak signals line An external auxiliary input often used for a video signal Can also be the final video or audio output signal from a device line or program monitor TV monitor that shows the final signal being broadcast or sent to the VTRs LNA A Low-noise amplifier used to boost a dish antenna s signal Satellite signals are so weak that they have to be amplified (multiplied) 100,000 times Special circuits with premium-grade transistors are needed to allow the signal to be amplified so much without adding appreciable visual noise to the signal lossy A compression method that discards data and degrades the image quality High degrees of compression are possible low-light-level camera TV camera designed to see with very little light used in military and surveillance applications LPTV Low-power television; the technique of broadcasting local programming through a very low-power, inexpensive VHF TV transmitter A limited signal range keeps LPTV stations from interfering with distant TV stations using the same channel frequency LTC or linear time code Time code recorded in a linear stripe along a tape, perhaps on a longitudinal audio track lumen A measurement of a source s light brightness Lumens per square foot equals footcandles
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luminance The black-and-white (brightness only) part of a video signal lux A measure of illumination; the amount of light needed to make a 1-V video signal Also a measure of the brightness of an object in a scene Cameras need a certain degree of scene brightness to register a picture Ten lux equals about 1 footcandle, another measure of brightness LV Laservision; a videodisk read by a laser, the light of which reflects off microscopic pits in the disk Not the same as CED videodisks, which use a groove Macrovision A popular anticopy signal recorded on a videotape to make it playable but not copyable marker A pointer on a timeline to show what part of it is playing As the show plays, the marker moves It can be positioned quickly to play a short segment of a show, perhaps to preview a simple transition master disk A specially made original videodisk from which distribution copies are reproduced master tape The original copy of the finished version of a tape This could be original footage of a live show or a program edited together from other tapes The master is the best-quality copy of this program in existence match frame edit An edit in which a scene is edited onto itself so exactly that there is no apparent interruption in the scene megahertz One million cycles (vibrations) per second, represented by 1 MHz, which is near the frequency of video signals microwave An extremely high band of radio/TV frequencies used with satellites to relay TV signals MIDI or mdi Musical Instrument Digital Interface; a standardized way of sending digital instructions between audio devices and musical instruments, telling them, for instance, what notes to play
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