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Defense and Security
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States or US interests overseas in the spring and summer of 2001 and promulgated strategic warnings, 64 also stating that intelligence agencies knew prior to 9/11 about a possible employment of civilian airlines to crash into major buildings and had detailed information on some of the terrorists involved in the attacks The report concluded by highlighting the general lack of preparedness of the Intelligence Community to deal with the challenges of global terrorism65 After 9/11, US military doctrine shifted to allow for preemptive military strikes in countries that represented a threat to the United States (even if that threat wasn t immediate)66 To prevent the need for preemptive action, we should boost our abilities to accurately detect and prevent such threats Instead, the dysfunctions of the US intelligence system were showcased by its inability to deal with Saddam Hussein s Ba ath regime Instead of admitting to its dif culties in acquiring accurate information, the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) of September 2002 simply claimed the existence of WMDs in Iraq, even exaggerating the extent of Iraq s programs67 On the basis of scarce information and shoddy analysis, the United States initiated a war without UN Security Council approval, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 4,000 US soldiers and possibly many more in the future, cost American taxpayers trillions, and made the United States widely unpopular around the world68 The IC s recent handling of Iran also raises doubts about its capabilities Being highly con dent that the Iranian government was working on WMDs, the United States threatened an invasion to destroy the country s nuclear facilities, only to nd out in November 2007 again with high con dence that Iran had halted its nuclear program in 200369 Although in light of 2008 documents presented to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it is possible the program had restarted,70 with the situation in Iran murky at best, it underscores the limitations of our recent US intelligence posture and how it added fodder to hawkish politicians Many of the US Intelligence Community s challenges are organizational Until 9/11, there was not an overarching authority to coordinate the activities of these agencies Recognizing this de ciency, the Bush administration created the position of Director of National Intelligence as the head of the IC71 However, further centralization, better intelligence sharing mechanisms between agencies, improved coordination
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between law enforcement and intelligence gathering, as well as the elimination of functional overlaps, are still the orders of the day An expanded intelligence budget should include funding for greater cooperative measures between local police forces around the world, as well as with regulators to track nancial ows Roles for multinational organizations such as the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) should be expanded While Interpol has one of the largest membership rosters of any organization, its budget is a paltry $59 million, something that could and should be increased tenfold72 Diffusing terrorism is often done at a very localized level, such as tracking money and keeping tabs on potential suspects Recent coordinated counterterrorist efforts in Asia, which included the United States, Germany and Australia working with local forces in Indonesia and Philippines, have dealt terrorist networks in Southeast Asia signi cant setbacks with wide scale arrests and the killing of key terrorists73 There is still a lot more that could be done in terms of national security concerns regarding the spread and misuse of sensitive intelligence The IC is in dire need of Arabic, Farsi, and Chinese speakers With few native speakers who ful ll the strict US security requirements, an obvious measure could be to lower clearance requirements in certain intelligence areas Given that most intelligence work is done from open source materials today, lowering clearance standards should not exacerbate security threats How could the translation of Arabic newspapers, e-mails, or TV into English by non-Americans be more dangerous than not having any translations at all A Civil Defense Corps essentially a version of the National Guard that focuses less on military security training and more on intelligence and diplomatic needs could be one new strand of defense With this the United States could cultivate much-needed specialists to combat Macro Quantum threats linguists, political analysts, legal experts, computer programmers, and other service-sector functions that could help improve intelligence gathering and analysis, diplomacy, and civil preparedness In doing so, the entire notion of defense could be re ned to encompass more civil involvement something advocated by many policy makers, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice74 Much the way the Israeli Defense Army mobilizes the entire population based on their speci c talents, this Civil Defense Corps structure
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