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the quota and votes) and many small European nations have large stakes as well The BRIC countries, in contrast, have less than 10 percent of the voting power; Brazil and India have a little more than 1 percent, China less than 4 percent, and Russia about 26 percent (the same as Belgium!) There have been various plans to restructure this with the idea of vesting several nations China, Mexico, and Korea have been mentioned (all of which used to be borrowers from the World Bank) with greater stakes in the institution It should come as no surprise that China and Russia routinely make developmental loans outside the World Bank system as in uence building exercises, often with few noneconomic strings attached World Bank loans come with a variety of social and environmental conditions While World Bank stipulations are sound advice, for a debtor nation it may simply seem like a hassle compared to China s no-strings-attached offer of funds The World Bank must embrace China, Russia, and the other nations tempted to circumvent its rules to prevent these sideline deals and to save the organization itself With few members borrowing from the World Bank and the IMF income has been reduced, forcing restructuring and cutbacks within the organization Current managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn recently announced a 15 percent reduction in staff and an overhaul of its noncore activities Yet, it seems that more than ever the global nancial system needs more resources to monitor capital ows and coordinate complex activities not fewer As one Wall Street analyst notes, Retrenching now is tantamount to downsizing a re department when there is a low incidence of re 54 Indeed, the global credit crisis has created many vulnerable countries both emerging and industrialized that have petitioned the World Bank for support While a May 2008 modi cation shifted 27 percent of the vote away from advanced (largely European) economies in favor of developing countries, there needs to be a more aggressive shift One suggestion is to rebalance the voting based on percentage GDP adjusted for PPP over a 10-year period, allowing BRICs, for example, to move toward a 45 percent stake (in line with their percentage of world output), along with the N11 and other Asian and Gulf countries to have greater voting rights In turn, greater voting rights will also require greater nancial commitments from these countries US and European
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Trade and Finance
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in uence would be dramatically reduced, and the ownership and the operations of the World Bank system would be democratized dramatically with considerably more vested parties than today Without a doubt the IMF and World Bank will be needed for emergency lending like during the Asian and Latin American nancial crises of the 1990s, and should be reincarnated as defenders of global nancial stability, with expanded roles in information and risk monitoring As we have seen, with increased nancial openness and liquidity comes the need for oversight In addition to being a lender to countries without capital access, the World Bank could become a global authority that could track aggregate ows to protect against imbalances and speculative attacks Finally, on the nancial front, the IMF and World Bank should take this opportunity to evolve into more dynamic nancial players than in the past As of February 2008, the IMF had dwindled down its balance sheet to roughly $5 billion in outstanding credits versus $50 billion in 2004 Stephen Jen of Morgan Stanley proposed selling the IMF s 100 million ounces of gold reserves, worth more than $90 billion at current prices (see Figure 28)55 With the proceeds, the IMF could start a supranational endowment for longer term investing In additional to generating new income (which gold sitting in a vault does not), the
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90 80 70 (In Billions of USDs) 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Credit Outstanding Gold Holdings
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