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United States and approximately 52 percent of US farms Runoff from the Mississippi River basin carries a heavy load of phosphorus and nitrogen-rich waste from animal manure and chemical fertilizers The nutrient-laden wastewater promotes excessive algae growth When the algae eventually sinks to the bottom to decompose, the bacteria that feed off it consume all the available oxygen, making the water unviable for other animal life The impact of the dead zone on commerce has not been fully measured, but studies suggest that the occurrence of this dead zone forces shing vessels to change their normal shing patterns, expending more time and fuel to harvest their catches and potentially forcing marginal operators out of business The forced concentration of shing outside of the dead zone has resulted localized over shing The lost catch resulting from death of shell sh in the zone and longterm damage to the food chain and ecosystem caused by hypoxia is unclear, but is potentially quite large The Gulf dead zone is one of the largest human-caused hypoxic zones in the world, but it is not unique In the United States, hypoxic zones develop annually in western Long Island Sound off New York and Connecticut, in the Chesapeake Bay, and in the Neuse River in North Carolina Outside the United States, dead zones are found in the Adriatic, Baltic, Black, and North Seas Bee Wilson, The Last Bite, New Yorker, May 19, 2008, http:// wwwnewyorkercom/arts/critics/atlarge/2008/05/19/080519 crat_atlarge_wilson currentPage=all FAO Newsroom, Depleted Fish Stocks Require Recovery Efforts, news release, March 7, 2005, http://wwwfaoorg/ newsroom/en/news/2005/100095/indexhtml State of the World s Fisheries and Aquaculture 2006, Food and Agriculture Organization, http://wwwfaoorg/docrep/009/ a0699e/A0699E06htm#631 Ibid Pollution Linked to Birth Defects, BBC News, December 30, 2001, http://newsbbccouk/1/hi/health/1731902stm Robert Malone, America s Most Polluted Cities, Forbes, March 21, 2006, http://wwwforbescom/2006/03/21/americas-mostpolluted-cities-cx_rm_0321pollutehtml
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87 Ibid 88 Wayne Freedman, Pollution in China Could Impact Our Air, KGO-TV, November 7, 2007, http://abclocalgocom/ kgo/story section=news/environment&id=5747398 89 Michelle L Bell et al, Global Impacts of Particulate Matter Air Pollution, Environmental Research Letters (2007): 2, http://www ioporg/EJ/abstract/1748-9326/2/4/045026 90 Keith Bradsher and David Barboza, Pollution from Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow, New York Times, June 11, 2006 91 Ibid 92 Ibid 93 Scott Barrett, Barrett Proposal: A Multitrack Climate Treaty System, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, September 5, 2007, http://belfercenterksgharvardedu/experts/ 1294/scott_barretthtml 94 Steve Gelsi, Bush Calls For Halt in Greenhouse Gas Growth by 2025, MarketWatch, April 16, 2008, http://wwwmarketwatchcom/news/story/bush-calls-halt-greenhouse-gas-growth/ stor yaspx guid=%7B4E95F81E - 4F34 - 4AE9 - 80A7 - 723 DB5FE9B80%7D&dist=msr_3 95 The Search for Clean Coal, Globe-Net, May 28, 2008, http:// wwwclimatebizcom/feature/2008/05/28/the - search - clean coal page=0%2C2 96 Coal Mining, in The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Overview of Coal (London: World Coal Institute, 2005) 97 Search for Clean Coal 98 Mobile Sources, Environmental Protection Agency, http://www epagov/oms/invntory/overview/pollutants/indexhtm 99 For example, varied discount rates applied to the costs of global warming for 100 years can generate widely different cost scenarios 100 Gas Prices Dominate the Public s Economic News Agenda, News Interest Index, Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, June 19, 2008, http://people-pressorg/report/431/ gas-prices-public-agenda 101 State of the World 2008: Innovations for a Sustainable Economy, Worldwatch Institute, http://wwwworldwatchorg/ stateoftheworld
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102 Ibid 103 Ibid 104 Meredith A Giordano and Aaron TWolf, The World s International Freshwater Agreements: Historical Developments and Future Opportunities, Atlas of International Freshwater Agreements, http:// wwwtransboundarywatersorstedu/publications/atlas/ 105 Monica Prasad, On Carbon, Tax and Don t Spend, New York Times, March 25, 2008, http://wwwnytimescom/2008/03/25/ opinion/25prasadhtml 106 The Elusive Negawatt, Economist, May 8, 2008, http://www economistcom/displaystorycfm story_id=11326549 107 Introduction, Carbon Tax Center, http://wwwcarbontaxorg/ introduction/#why (last accessed June 16, 2008) 108 Joseph E Stiglitz Stands Up for a Carbon Tax, Courrier International, December 12, 2007, http://europecourrierinter nationalcom/eurotopics/articleasp langue=uk&publication=12/ 12/2007&cat=REFLECTIONS&pi=1
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