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11 A 74 percent increase in total coal consumption International Energy Outlook 2007, Energy Information Administration 12 Keith Bradsher and David Barboza, Pollution from Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow, New York Times, June 11, 2006, http://wwwnytimescom/2006/06/11/business/worldbusiness/ 11chinacoalhtml _r=1&oref=slogin 13 Asthma and Air Pollution, National Resources Defense Council, http://wwwnrdcorg/health/effects/fasthmaasp (last accessed June 6, 2008) 14 Ibid 15 Ibid 16 Mar a Antonieta Uribe and H ctor Tobar, Leftist Guerrilla Group Claims It Bombed Mexican Pipelines, Los Angeles Times, September 12, 2007, http://articleslatimescom/2007/sep/12/ world/fg-guerrillas12 17 R diger Falksohn, A Nuclear Power Renaissance, Der Spiegel, January 16, 2007, http://wwwspiegelde/international/ spiegel/0,1518,460011,00html 18 Jack Spencer and Nick Loris, Dispelling Myths about Nuclear Energy, Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, December 3, 2007, http://wwwheritageorg/Research/EnergyandEnvironment/ bg2087cfm 19 The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Uranium SA, http://wwwuraniumsa org/fuel_cycle/wastehtm 20 Frank Barnaby and James Kemp, Too Hot to Handle, Oxford Research Group Brie ng Paper, July 2007, http://www oxfordresearchgrouporguk/publications/brie ng_papers/pdf/ toohottohandlepdf 21 Sam Roe, An Atomic Threat Made in America, Chicago Tribune, January 28, 2007, http://wwwtruthoutorg/docs_2006/013007E shtml 22 Cyrus Safdari, Iran Needs Nuclear Energy, Not Weapons, Le Monde Diplomatique, November 2005, http://mondediplocom/ 2005/11/02iran 23 See the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which stated that Iran has not frozen its nuclear program 24 As we discuss in the security chapter, uranium enrichment is a huge issue among the nonproliferation community
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25 International Petroleum Consumption, Energy Information Administration, http://wwweiadoegov/emeu/international/oil consumptionhtml (last accessed June 6, 2008) 26 Ibid 27 International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2006, Summary and Conclusions, 4f 28 Michael Klare, Oil Wars: Transforming the American Military into a Global Oil-Protection Service, TomDispatchcom, October 8, 2004, wwwcommondreamsorg/views04/1008-23htm 29 See Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War (New York: WW Norton, 2008) 30 Jay Inslee and Bracken Hendricks, Apollo s Fire: Igniting America s Clean Energy Economy (Washington, DC: Island Press, 2007), 14 31 Zhao Xingjun and Wu Yanrui, Determinants of China s Energy Imports: An Empirical Analysis, Energy Policy 35 (2007): 4235 4246 32 Oil/Black Gold/Texas T, Global Securityorg, wwwglobalsecurity org/military/intro/oilhtm (last accessed June 6, 2008) 33 The Role of Oil Wealth in the World Economy, McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey on Finance 26 (Winter 2008): 14 34 See note #10 35 Charles Levinson, Saudis Announce Slight Oil Output Increase, USA Today, May 17, 2008, http://wwwusatoday com/news/world/2008-05-15-saudi_Nhtm 36 Roger Stern, Iran Actually Is Short of Oil, International Herald Tribune, January 8, 2007, http://wwwihtcom/articles/2007/01/08/opinion/edsternphp 37 Steven Mufson, High Oil Prices Push Giant Shifts in Wealth, Power, Washington Post, November 10, 2007; Bloomberg for recent reserve gures 38 Country Brie ng: Russia, Energy Information Administration, wwweiadoegov/emeu/cabs/Russia/Backgroundhtml 39 Judy Dempsey, Russia Takes Heat over Energy Supply, International Herald Tribune, February 12, 2006 40 European Customers Hit by Gas Cuts, CNN, January 2, 2006, http://wwwcnncom/2006/WORLD/europe/01/02/russia ukraineimpact/indexhtml 41 Ukraine Stealing Europe s Gas, BBC News, January 2, 2006
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42 In this deal, prices of gas sold to the Ukraine range from around $50 per 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas to $230, with a certain amount of cheaper oil coming from Central Asian supplies Russia, Ukraine Agree on New Gas Prices, Kommersant, January 4, 2006 43 See note 10 44 Steven Mufson, Nigeria s Oil Morass, Washington Post, February 1, 2008, http://wwwwashingtonpostcom/wp - dyn/content/ article/2008/01/31/AR2008013103634html 45 Ibid 46 Ibid 47 Peter Brokes and Ji Hye Shin, China s In uence in Africa: Implications for the United States, Heritage Foundation, February 22, 2006, http://wwwheritageorg/Research/ AsiaandthePaci c/bg1916cfm 48 Esther Pan, China, Africa, and Oil, Council on Foreign Relations, January 26, 2007, http://wwwcfrorg/publication/9557/ 49 Associated Press, Brazil Oil Find May Be World s 3rd Largest, CBS News, April 14, 2008, http://wwwcbsnewscom/ stories/2008/04/14/world/main4013564shtml 50 Magali Devic, South America s Great Gas Pipeline, Washington Report in the Hemisphere 27, no 4 (April 2007) 51 Chavez vs ExxonMobil War Escalates, Energy Bulletin, February 11, 2008, http://wwwenergybulletinnet/40184html 52 See Roubini s web site at http://wwwrgemonitorcom for a variety of interesting articles on Latin American politics related to oil 53 Ecuador Moves to Take Over Occidental Oil Operations, International Herald Tribune, May 16, 2006, http://wwwihtcom/ articles/2006/05/16/business/ecuadorphp 54 Ecuador President Wants New Oil Contracts, MSNBC, November 28, 2006, http://wwwmsnbcmsncom/id/15936476/ 55 Jad Mouawad, Rising Demand for Oil Provokes New Energy Crisis, New York Times, November 9, 2007 56 Fighting Poverty: Findings and Lessons from China s Success, World Bank (2002) 57 Energy and Poverty: The World Needs Far More Electricity to Power Development IAEA Bulletin, February 2002
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