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has also had an impact in expanding the public s view on health But what exactly are the threats that foreign policies are seeking to address As an example, look at SARS to see how a nationalized health problem can go global in a small amount of time SARS, like the avian u, is a disease that jumped across species to affect human beings Initially, the disease was localized in civet cats, found throughout China As the animals are also a Chinese delicacy, they were being consumed by patrons of restaurants throughout the country There was a delay in recognizing what the source of the virus was Hence, the civet cats continued to be served until the Chinese government intervened By this time, however, an infected doctor who had been treating SARS patients had own to Hong Kong, not realizing his condition Hence, while the government was able to stabilize the situation on one end, the ability of a single individual to board a plane and land in another country unchecked allowed the virus to begin its global spread62 As the doctor checked into a hotel, other guests who would later return to their home countries (including Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand) were also infected At this point, the WHO stepped in and identi ed the disease (which Chinese authorities had previously described as a strange strain of pneumonia), but was unable to do much besides administer a warning to travelers While it is true that the disease has been eradicated from the affected countries after an extensive quarantine, SARS illustrated the vulnerability of the world s population to natural and man-made biological diseases In thinking about man-made diseases, we must also consider the role of bioterrorism in today s world According to prominent global health experts John Wyn Owen and Olivia Roberts, since the events of [September 11] the health and development agenda has also been widely linked with the foreign policy priorities of improving global security and preventing state failure Bioterrorism has formed a prominent part of the health and security agenda 63 Modeling technology that can simulate what would happen to human beings if they were subject to such an attack is readily available While access to such technology is allegedly restricted by the United States, the likelihood of it being secured is minimal If the software were to fall into the wrong hands, then new forms of bioterrorism could be developed virtually undetected
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Promoting Tomorrow s Health
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Biological weapons could cause equal amounts of damage with a much lower cost than nuclear weapons Additionally, pathogens (disease-based organisms) can go virtually undetected, which means that preparing for such an attack is quite dif cult If a terrorist were to use certain strains of diseases, it would be nearly impossible to provide the necessary health care to infected individuals, unless stockpiles of vaccines or antibiotics existed Many types of pathogens labeled by the CDC as potentially dangerous for bioterrorism are resistant strains of diseases that can t be cured Additionally, highly communicable diseases put any population at risk, even if there are vaccines (such as in the case of smallpox) Additionally, bioterrorism can cause widespread panic and fear when it might not be necessary The anthrax scare is undoubtedly within the memory of many readers of this book While some of the fear was surely justi ed, the degree of panic that resulted was disproportionate to the degree of the actual number of infected letters Ultimately, how big is the threat While the answer to this question might only ever be known fully to those working in the intelligence community, it is important that the world not be caught off guard should an act of bioterrorism occur This means having plans in place to help at-risk populations, including stockpiling of vaccines for the pathogens most likely to be used in such an attack The importance of information sharing and global coordination also needs to be highlighted The impoverished of today s world are disproportionately affected by diseases, many of which have already been eradicated in the developed world HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and communicable diseases, which account for a total around six million deaths per year, are directly linked to poverty, gender inequality, government-driven development policy, and mismanaged health care reforms throughout the world64 An estimated 10 million children under the age of ve die each year from these causes, almost exclusively in low-income countries or in poor sectors of middle-income countries Part of the problem is resource allocation For example, about $125 billion are spent each year on health research, yet only 10 percent of the funding is dedicated to eradicating health problems in the developing world, which has about 90 percent of the world s population65 One reason for this is the current structure of the global health system
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