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Accommodating tenants
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A home isn t a good investment if you can t achieve a return on it Although appreciation over time is one means of achieving this goal, sharing your home with a tenant provides an ongoing cash flow To ensure your experience with a tenant has the best chance of success, you want to make sure the home you buy has certain features Ideally, if the previous owner of the house has had tenants, you ll be able to judge the property on its features as both a residence and a rental property Though you may need to make adjustments to the layout, the structure itself should be flexible enough to accommodate some key features: Dividing walls, to ensure a more complete separation of your living area from the tenant s Potential for sharing laundry facilities and other amenities, which could eliminate your need to set up a separate laundry area for tenants Wiring and circuitry necessary for the installation of a fridge, stove, and other appliances
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9: Scouting Properties: Where to Look, and What to Look For
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These features make the space less hassle for you to adapt for rental use, and create a more desirable space for potential renters Dividing walls are just one element that help ensure a happy co-existence between your family and your tenants A separate entrance is a primary consideration; this will give the tenants a feel of privacy and decrease the chance their comings and goings will disturb you But if you re buying a two- or threebedroom condo and want to rent a room, you may want to put a higher priority on having an extra washroom as well as adequate sound-proofing Buying a home located close to a major public transit route will enhance your chance of securing a tenant A parking spot is another attractive feature Not all municipalities allow secondary suites, so be sure to check the legality of having tenants before you buy! Some jurisdictions will turn a blind eye to tenants, but you invite a range of hassles by not complying with the letter of the law For peace of mind check what local bylaws have to say, and speak to your lawyer
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Attracting purchasers
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Gauging future demand for housing in your neighbourhood is difficult, but you can take steps that will position your home to be attractive to potential purchasers in 5, 10, or even 20 years Some of these will be reasons that you re attracted to the home yourself, such as proximity to schools, parks, shopping areas, transportation, and other amenities But looking at the locale is also worthwhile: Is it close to major institutional employers with ongoing employment needs, such as a hospital or university What is the potential of the home to be adapted for other uses, say rental to tenants, home office use, or the like Does it have the potential to appeal to buyers completely different from yourself Does the local zoning allow expansion or redevelopment of the home You may not be interested in doing this, but the possibility might attract a future owner
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Location, location, location
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Okay, location, location, location is a time-worn phrase, but it makes sense! And what would a book on real estate be without it A property s location isn t something to take lightly, given the potential impact on appeal to tenants, your cash flow, and potential resale value
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Part III: Selecting Properties: Where to Look, What to Watch For Appealing to tenants
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Many of us, at one time or another, have had a landlord who s baffled us The rent was good, but property conditions were such that we didn t have to wonder why we were the ones living in the suite rather than the owner! Now that you re a landlord, why do the same thing to your tenants As we discuss in the previous section, choosing a property that s in a location where you would want to live yourself makes sense even if you don t live there That s because lots of other people probably would look forward to finding the place you ve found A decent neighbourhood makes for happy tenants, which makes for stable cash flow and, ultimately, a better return on your investment (We cover the value amenities can add to a property s location in the section Amenities and service elsewhere in this chapter) A property that s attractive to tenants is better than a utilitarian rental property with no cachet at all Chances are you ll also be able to charge higher rents, potentially securing yourself a long-term advantage that beats buying a larger property in a less attractive neighbourhood commanding lower rents
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