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Consulting the locals
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One of the best things you can do as a potential investor in a neighbourhood is to get to know the locals This gives you a feel for the area, as well as local concerns and attitudes, and furthers your understanding of the community You may even discover information about the property you re looking at that may encourage you or prompt you to think twice about the investment you were hoping to make Opportunities for meeting locals abound Buy a paper and chat up the person who serves you Stop in to the local coffee shop (if there is one), listen to the chatter, and maybe strike up a conversation with the people at the neighbouring table You may not be good at small talk, but even chatting about the weather can create an opportunity to hear what people are saying about the market Dimitri took a more direct approach He wanted to buy a waterfront home for his young family He found a home for sale in southern New Brunswick, but decided he would do his research homework and check with its neighbours before he made an offer It was a wise move He discovered that rats were a serious problem in the area, and that successive attempts to eradicate them had been unsuccessful The area was also prone to flooding in spring; though none of the people Dimitri spoke with had ever had water in their own
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Part III: Selecting Properties: Where to Look, What to Watch For
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homes, they said it wasn t unusual to find it lapping at their basement doors Dimitri moved on and eventually opted for a house in a new subdivision overlooking a lake Building relationships with locals is something you can never begin too early This is especially true if you plan a major development of a property or are considering a rezoning Cultivating an open relationship with members of the community will help bring them onside with your plans The goodwill you foster by participating in the community as either a homeowner or business operator is invaluable
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Selecting a Property
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The property you re seeking in the locale you ve chosen may not be simple to find You have to look for it, or have your broker do so We discuss strategies for locating potential investment properties in s 1 and 2 After you ve selected a neighbourhood in which to invest, you ll want to pull out newspapers, log on to Web sites such as the Multiple Listing Service (wwwmlsca) for residential property or ICX (wwwicxca) for commercial and industrial properties, and keep your eyes open Facets of the property to consider include its location, the availability of amenities and services, and the property s potential for appreciation The criteria are largely refinements of the principles that have allowed you to narrow your search to a handful of properties By now you should know what you want!
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Home sweet home
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A house draws out a lot of emotion, regardless of whether you re the owneroccupant or simply a tenant with the option of moving out if it gets on your nerves You have a lot more conditions you want to satisfy when you re looking for a chunk of residential real estate than, say, a retail unit Your standards are especially high if you re also planning on living in the house Any tenants you welcome into the building are there because they ve chosen to rent from you and can move on if the place isn t what they expect, but you re going to be stuck with the place as the primary occupant and user So be selfish and put your own interests first! First off, consider where you want to live Price, affordability, and availability each play a role in determining where you buy, but your own idea of what makes a livable neighbourhood also factors into your decision Being practical won t hurt; what appeals to you may appeal to tenants or future buyers Being able to tout a feature of your neighbourhood that has been of particular value to you will help the sales pitch you ll make to the next purchaser
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