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Direct investment in businesses
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Supporting a business venture you believe in by providing it with a startup loan may be one of the most rewarding investments you make, but it also comes with the uncertainties associated with the company s business Though the return isn t guaranteed, if the business succeeds you can be paid back handsomely depending on the terms of the financing arrangement (which should be in your favour, because you get to have a hand in writing them)
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1: Identifying Opportunities
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Figuring Out Whether You re Right for Real Estate Investing
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If you re serious about real estate investing (and if you re reading this book, you probably are), the first thing you need to do is determine whether you and real estate are a good investment match This determination is key to your financial future In this section, we help you figure that out Real estate, like other investment options, demands that you have a plan for building your portfolio Just as you re careful not to contribute too much in a given month or year to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), you don t want to sink too much of your available cash resources into a real estate investment you may not be able to sell for several years Why own a palace if you can t live like royalty Knowing your financial limits is just one aspect of determining your capacity for investing in real estate Assessing the appetite you have for risk is equally important Risks are both real and perceived For example, buying a property when the market is at its peak entails a real risk that the property could fall in value, leaving you open to a loss Or you may be tempted to buy a property on the grounds that City Hall will let you renovate it, a perception that may have some basis in fact but will depend on how well you, or your representatives, state the case with planners and whether or not you re able to work within or seek a variance to the local zoning to allow it The potential is there, but your perceptions may not be borne out in action Equally important to successful investing is knowing yourself and how much confidence you have as an investor Avoid situations that could undermine your confidence and cloud your decision-making abilities, such as buying or renovating properties for nostalgic or emotional reasons without first drafting a solid business plan
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Determining how much you can invest
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Getting a handle on your personal finances is an important part of financing your real estate investment (something we discuss at greater length in Part II) Financing the actual purchase is just one part of the picture Costs that crop up every day from necessities such as shoes for the kids to luxuries like your gym membership or a night out on the town determine how much cash you have available for investment purposes Don t forget to take into account unexpected expenses such as an interruption in employment income These factors each affect the amount you can invest, and the amount of risk you re willing to take on
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Part I: Understanding Real Estate
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Conventional wisdom suggests you should put aside three months worth of living expenses to draw on in case of emergency, and the same holds true for your real estate investments In case of emergency, you ll not only have to service the mortgage, you ll have to service the property itself that is, cover ongoing maintenance of your building or property
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Assessing your risk tolerance
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The risks associated with real estate stem from its disadvantages Chances are you re attracted to real estate and the stability it offers; after all, land isn t about to get up and walk away, and they re not making a whole lot more of it But land also has its own limitations that can affect how you can use it and its value to investors Some common risks include Changes to surrounding properties and the local neighbourhood: We all know houses where the grass has grown long and shaggy, the curtains are faded, and newspapers sit yellowing on the front step Now, imagine that house is right next door to your investment property Or perhaps a few of them stand in the neighbourhood where you re thinking of buying Chances are you won t find the neighbourhood as appealing Changes in the condition of other properties can seriously affect the value of your own real estate, and may prompt you to try selling a property earlier than you had intended On the other hand, positive changes to nearby properties can cause the value of your property to appreciate, and even prompt you to make improvements that will keep up not only with the Joneses but also with the broader market Changes in the political climate and government policies: Regardless of who forms the government, real estate investments may be subject to policy changes A city council may need extra funding and pass a bylaw requiring owners of apartment buildings to pay significantly more for city services than homeowners Imagine the effect this could have on the market for that apartment block you re looking to sell! It could also boost your interest in buying single-family residential homes to rent out Or perhaps city staff are about to rezone the lot down the street for commercial development; depending on whether they allow a tea boutique or a bar with exotic dancers, your property is likely to see a change in value Whether you can make the most of such changes will determine the success of your investment Changes in the local economy that can lead to property depreciation through lower demand: The amount of risk you can accept and manage will determine not only the kind of property you purchase but also
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