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Investing with intent
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Do you want a property you can use for your own purposes, or one strictly for investment Knowing what you want from a property will help you determine the type of properties you ll consider buying: Personal use: Some forms of real estate are better suited to personal use than others Investing in a property that will double as your home or place of business will have practical benefits for you as well as delivering a return A house may deliver an equal return to a unit, or bay, in an industrial property, but you ll probably be able to do a lot more with the house than the industrial property Alternative uses: Savvy property investment requires that you balance your personal needs against the qualities of the properties you re considering as investments When you don t need the property for your purposes, who will Will there be a market for it, or are your needs unique Special uses may fit some neighbourhoods better than others, meaning you may need to adjust your plans to include a broader geographic area Are you comfortable with those changes
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Part I: Understanding Real Estate
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Straight investment: A property bought strictly for investment purposes may be just what you re looking for, because you have no interest in using it For example, you may buy an apartment building with the sole purpose of being a landlord Although the neighbourhood the building is in and the maintenance of the building appeals to you (not to mention the regular cash flow), you are quite happy not to live there
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Lapping up liquidity
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Some properties have greater liquidity than others (we talk about liquidity in 2) Depending on the amount of time you have to hold an investment, you may want to buy a property to sell after a few years of generating income, or one to hold for years in anticipation of long-term appreciation in value Gauging the liquidity of a property and making it work in your favour is a good aim The possibilities are: High liquidity: Residential properties are generally the most liquid real estate investment If you re unable to hold on to a property for an extended period of time, these are your best bet Medium liquidity: Suites in resorts and other forms of operating properties are subject to trends in the sectors they serve, potentially reducing their liquidity This makes them a good medium-term hold in a diversified portfolio Low liquidity: Properties with a low level of liquidity come from a range of sectors and asset classes No one type of property has a monopoly on low liquidity The least liquid properties in a given market are those in least demand Buying a property of this sort is typically a decision made with long-term hopes Balance a property s liquidity with your needs, which we discuss elsewhere in this chapter Between the two you have the information you need to gauge a time frame for your investment
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Staying strong in soft times
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Whether you re looking for a stable cash flow or are just plain conservative, a stable property is a good thing to have The two main gauges of stability when it comes to investing are: Stability in value: You want a property that s not going to lose its value, one that will preferably appreciate over time A good means of ensuring this happens is to buy a property in a growing neighbourhood
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4: Establishing Your Investment Strategy
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where land values are likely to increase An established community is generally a good place to buy, whereas a home in a single-employer town carries more risk But don t forget to look ahead and to buy in the path of development; a property can increase significantly in value if it finds itself engulfed by an expanding city (as landowners around Calgary have discovered in recent years) Stability in cash flow: Cash flow also depends on neighbourhood fundamentals Because income-producing properties are often subject to cyclical factors, you may want to consider them for short- to mediumterm investment But less volatility means greater stability, so if you have an apartment block in an established residential area, chances are you re going to see both long-term cash flow and an appreciation in land values
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