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Working with the property
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Properties can be polymorphous, assuming different shapes as the market or tenants require, or the whims of owners dictate A renovation is an opportunity, within local zoning limits, to enhance or in some way tweak a property s existing use to better take advantage of market conditions
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Part IV: Building Value: Managing Your Investment and Seeing a Return
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To maximize the value of a property renovation, you should take into account several factors: Property history: Knowing a building s history may allow you to play up its character and outfit the interiors to appeal to a specific aesthetic You may also want to reinterpret the building s form to suit new users, as has happened with warehouses that have been broken up into office or residential units Tenant mix: A property may not have the potential to attract a betterpaying tenant without renovations Tailoring a renovation to give a property an appeal among a better-paying pool of tenants can deliver solid top-line returns in the form of higher rents, wider margins, and eventually a better resale value (Buyers like properties with good income flows) Highest and best use: You may wish to change the use of a property, or add an additional use to improve its cash flow Walk-ups on a busy commercial street may have potential as a mixed-use project with retail at grade and residential above Even a simple change like this, depending on local bylaws, could make the property a winner if the reno is done right A makeover just won t work for you if no one is around to take advantage of it! Thoroughly research potential markets for a property prior to renovating You may discover an opportunity for its use that wouldn t otherwise have come to mind You should be able to build on the knowledge you gathered prior to purchasing the property to gauge uses that would likely appeal to the local demographic Speak with your accountant to confirm the tax implications of the renovation, both in the immediate aftermath and when you want to sell the property A significant renovation, usually to over 90 percent of the structure, can incur taxes that wouldn t apply to a standard resale because the property will be considered equivalent to a newly built asset
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Flipping: A note
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Let s talk flipping What does it conjure up in your mind No risk, high rewards Or high risk, unknown rewards When Doug thinks of flipping, he thinks of Paul, a TV addict who was always looking to make a million dollars on the weekend for no money down, just like he d seen on late-night infomercials Paul was especially enthusiastic about the idea of flipping real estate He thought that if he could buy a property for no money down, find another buyer who would pay $50,000 more for it before the deal closed, and walk away with the gain, he could retire wealthy by the time he was 30 Paul soon found that no one would sell properties to him without a down payment, and he couldn t find anyone to pay him cash to take on the agreements he hoped to enter
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15: Accounting for Gain
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Simply put, real estate doesn t offer any easy route to riches For many would-be flippers, the best advice comes from the age-old phrase, Act in haste, repent at leisure Flipping real estate means buying and selling real estate: Before you close a deal and transfer of the property occurs, or Not long after (usually within days, occasionally within months) for a greater-than-average profit Flippers aim to get in and out of a hot market (characterized by rapidly rising prices and high demand) without the expense and hassle of financing the acquisition or getting renters That makes flipping less a question of real estate investment than real estate speculation, with all the inherent risks and rewards speculators the world over face Speculation always assumes the market cycle will continue going up rapidly That may be true, but as we all know, real estate, business, or investment markets don t keep going up forever Any type of market is cyclical (have a look at the discussion on market cycles in 3), and what goes up will come down in time or at least slow down and plateau If you want to delve more deeply into this topic, check out Flipping Houses For Canadians For Dummies, by Ralph R Roberts, Joe Kraynak, and Camilla Cornell (Wiley)
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