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Building relationships
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Cultivating an ongoing relationship with tenants, especially if you re not the most outgoing person, may be difficult A range of traditional and creative
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13: Managing Properties
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options exist if you re looking for means of developing better relationships, however Consider the following possibilities: Send greeting cards: Do you know when your tenant s birthday is Perhaps Christmas or New Year s is approaching Whatever the reason you choose, acknowledging special days in the calendar can further your relationship with them and make them feel you actually care Just as with any other business, it makes sense to pay attention to your client when things are going well not just when they have complaints You can nurture much goodwill this way Jazz up the common-area decor: Does the lobby of your building look drab, with only your licence to operate an apartment building breaking up the monotony of the builder-beige walls You may want to consider adding a bouquet of flowers or some other decoration that livens it up a bit, and makes it more welcoming Even if you have a single-family home with a granny flat, making sure your place has a welcoming feel can go a long way to ensuring a positive attitude about your role Host a meet-and-greet: Ever considered a tenant appreciation event Many other businesses show their appreciation for clients, but property investors seem less prone to hosting events that build goodwill Of course, you face several limitations in hosting such an event it may not work if you don t already have a good relationship with tenants, and you ll face limits on the kind of event you host A gala dinner is out of the question But even a morning open house style event with coffee and pastries where tenants can mingle and chat may be enough do it in your newly jazzed-up lobby! No matter how simple the gesture, it will help boost both tenant loyalty and your reputation as a reputable landlord with the interests of tenants at heart Regular communication, no matter the reason, will foster open, respectful relationships We aren t suggesting a message in the lobby every week; indeed, too many messages and tenants may ignore them! Still, not telling tenants what s happening in their building and it is their building as much as yours, possession being nine-tenths of the law risks alienating them
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Attracting New Tenants
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Sooner or later, a tenant will leave and you ll have to replace him Finding a new tenant who will respect your property and stay for the long term requires a judgment call on your part Before you get to the stage of choosing among specific potential tenants, however, you ll need to assess what kind of building you ve got, the kind of tenant mix that suits it (and suits you), and the best means of advertising
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Part IV: Building Value: Managing Your Investment and Seeing a Return
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Knowing your building s dynamic
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Take a look at the tenant profile in your building Chances are, if it s mostly professional couples you probably won t want to throw a pair of first-year male college students into the mix It just wouldn t suit the building dynamic On the other hand, if you ve got a building where the tenant mix is exclusively short-term renters, you may want to take steps to diversify to ensure greater stability in cash flow Consider the following factors in sizing up your building and determining the kind of tenant that will work well: Current tenant mix: Who are your tenants at present Are you happy with 24-hour party people, or would you rather have a less rambunctious crowd The neighbourhood in which you ve invested may be suited to the tenants currently in the building, and you may be happy with it, but if you want to make a change you will want to start with selecting new tenants as the opportunity arises Current length of tenancies: A building with short-term tenants as the norm could benefit from the addition of tenants who commit to staying for the long term On the other hand, if your building s tenants haven t changed for a decade, you will need to show sensitivity to the concerns of the existing tenants Current building atmosphere: Most landlords favour quiet tenants rather than partiers, but whatever the dynamic, you ll want to make sure an equilibrium exists that everyone can tolerate Add a profoundly different kind of tenant to the mix and you could put the entire tenant base at risk Proximity to amenities: A building close to transit routes may have one type of tenant, while another that s located within walking distance of a hospital is likely to attract health-care workers Knowing who your target market is will help you select the tenant that s right for the building
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