Renovations versus redevelopment in VS .NET

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Renovations versus redevelopment
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Gauging the potential of renovating a building versus redeveloping the site is worth doing when you re buying an older property, or one in need of maintenance Most buildings have a useful lifetime after which it is more economical to demolish them and start over than renovate them Unless, that is, you enjoy renovating properties and making something new out of them (if that s your bag, see 15) We discuss the calculations required to assess the relative cost of buying as opposed to redevelopment in this chapter under cost-comparison appraisals Both renovations and redevelopment have their complications as well as benefits: Complications associated with renovations include the need to respect the existing structural elements of the building, potentially raising the cost of the project You may also need to satisfy municipal requirements with respect to permitting and zoning, or building code issues if the
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Part III: Selecting Properties: Where to Look, What to Watch For
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building is old enough to require upgrades to bring it in line with current construction standards Redevelopment, on the other hand, may make sense financially but could leave you with less than when you began if municipal development guidelines allow you to develop a smaller building on the site than currently exists Benefits of renovating a property include a chance to redefine and reinterpret the existing structure, perhaps making the inner space more flexible and contemporary You also have an opportunity to upgrade internal systems and create a building that s more efficient to operate The result could be a building that s worth far more than the old one ever was or could be An analysis of the potential a renovation or complete redevelopment has to deliver a return in terms of cash flow, future sales value, and mere convenience will help you to decide whether the expense is worthwhile
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Seeing the Upside of Down-Market Sites
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Some of the best opportunities for investors lie in areas with the greatest risk High-risk areas include neighbourhoods where real estate is down at the heel, tired, and worn out Old industrial districts are examples Several gutsy investors have been very successful in spearheading the redevelopment of such areas Take, for example, the revitalization of the Halifax waterfront Between the aptly named Waterfront Development Corporation Ltd and Armour Group redevelopers of the justly famous Historic Properties complex hundreds of millions of dollars have flowed into reshaping the former industrial waterfront into a place where people come to shop, wine, dine, and take in the sea breezes At the other end of the country, in Vancouver, a similar revitalization has transformed the historic Gastown neighbourhood A new wave of investment in the heart of the city is starting to see solid returns from an influx of flush new residents By converting down-market sites into polished residences and playgrounds, the developers responsible for these ventures have made themselves a pretty penny in fact, a gold coin Several This section highlights some of the opportunities available in down-market areas Start by listening to the neighbourhood, then see what meshes with your own financial plans Sometimes you can also make good even when your properties find themselves in areas that slump Carefully planned strategies can help you cut losses and even turn a profit
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10: Determining Value: Price versus Potential
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Listening to the neighbourhood
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You may wonder what your chances of surviving are when major shifts occur in a neighbourhood such as increasing criminal activity, a change in demographics, or other transformations that bode ill for the future of the locale The bad news is that such changes, when started, are difficult to reverse What you should ask yourself is how significant they will be and how long they will last Significant changes and plummeting property values are hardly the sort of thing you want to see Quebec saw the departure of head offices and an exodus of anglophones as the province increasingly legislated and implemented a francophone culture during the late 1970s and early 1980s The neighbourhood in which Peter grew up underwent massive change, raising serious questions about who would buy properties in a province that might declare itself independent The changes, however, were not permanent The neighbourhood bounced back, and when Peter s parents retired, their home sold in a few days Keep in mind, however, that not all changes have such happy endings An ability to gauge the future of a neighbourhood a skill similar to that of selecting a neighbourhood in which to invest, something we discuss in s 1 and 9 will help you decide the potential a property has to weather stormy circumstances You may decide to hold the property for the long term or sell in the near term, but understanding the situation you face will make the decision easier Holding your ground in a souring neighbourhood is courageous, yet can be sensible if you think the changes taking place are temporary and merely a lateral shift in the local dynamic In the case of Peter s neighbourhood, life didn t get worse, it just changed On the other hand, a neighbourhood in which shops are closing and vandalism to properties is increasing may be in for an extended run of bad luck Municipal response to the changes and the development of policies to address the issues are key indicators of how the changes may play out Steps to tackle crime or the adoption of policies to encourage new economic activities or redevelopment may be all you need to decide not to stick with your investment Whatever the rationale for your decision, it makes sense to consult with your advisers on the strategy you adopt to survive or escape the downturn
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