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/* Extract form parameters (membership input data)
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request */ 70 String firstName = a_requestgetParameter("first_name"); 71 String lastName = a_requestgetParameter("last_name"); 72 String street = a_requestgetParameter("street"); 73 String city = a_requestgetParameter("city"); 74 String state = a_requestgetParameter("state"); 75 String zip = a_requestgetParameter("zip"); 76 77 /* Store new member into database, obtain login information */ 78 UserLogin userLogin = 79 addMember(firstName, lastName, street, city, state, zip); 80 81 /* Construct a response, include new user ID and password */ 82 PrintWriter outWriter = a_responsegetWriter(); 83 a_responsesetContentType("text/html"); 84 85 /* Write out the actual HTML */ 86 outWriterprintln("<HTML>"); 87 outWriterprintln("<H1>Welcome!</H1>"); 88 outWriterprintln(firstName+", we are pleased to have you"); 89 outWriterprintln("as a member<BR> Your user ID and password"); 90 outWriterprintln("are supplied below<P>"); 91 outWriterprintln("<TABLE>"); 92 outWriterprintln("<TR><TD bgcolor=#CCCCFF>"); 93 outWriterprintln("<B>APPLICANT:</B><TD>"+firstName+" "+lastName); 94 outWriterprintln("</TR><TR><TD bgcolor=#FFCCCC>"); 95 outWriterprintln("<B>USERNAME:</B><TD>"+userLoginusername); 96 outWriterprintln("</TR><TR><TD bgcolor=#FFCCCC>"); 97 outWriterprintln("<B>PASSWORD:</B><TD>"+userLoginpassword); 98 outWriterprintln("</TR><TR><TD>"); 99 outWriterprintln("</HTML>"); 100 } 101 }
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A few things are worth noting about this implementation code First, the logic is pretty lightweight and, as shown by line 55, no real database integration exists The user isn't inserted into a database, and the username and password are generated based on the input (so name clashes are possible) Since our immediate goal is to demonstrate how to write servlets, not how to write full-blown, airtight applications, the code is as simple as possible
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A second, more important observation is that the code is actually a combination of presentation logic, session management, and core application logic all in the same file The HTML generated by lines 86 through 99 represents the presentation logic The extraction of request parameters in lines 70 through 75 of the doPost() method is related to session management nothing about our presentation or core logic requires doPost(); rather, it's a necessary part of coding a servlet The core application logic is created by simply extending the servlet class The addMember() method, shown in lines 38 through 60, is a peer of doPost() even though it has nothing to do with request processing This mixing of the three types of logic isn't pretty; and that is exactly the point While the code shows that you can get the job done by combining everything in the servlet class itself, this makes for poor software engineering There's no way to really reuse the application logic to add a member, even though this seems like potentially useful code Also, if we want another interface for adding members, we'll likely replicate code always a dangerous practice It's also a troublesome scenario when considering how multiple developers work on such applications For example, a user interface designer, who focuses on look and feel, may know a lot about color combinations and usability but know nothing about servlets and their maintenance A member of the operations staff, responsible for scaling the application deployment, couldn't care less about the look and feel or even what the application does He's simply interested in making access to servlets fast and scalable, but he's forced to reckon with presentation and application logic when all he really wants is to insert session management code Finally, there's the core application logic programmer, who builds useful application code and doesn't care how it's deployed She just wants to make it as functional and reusable as possible She also wants to make sure that application logic executed via multiple interfaces is consistent, which allows her to ensure common functionality and to consolidate performance optimizations in a single place Servlets are best used as mechanisms for executing session management logic because they're great at managing connectivity between a Web-based interactive user and the application However, they're not necessarily well suited to presentation and core application logic For the former, it's recommended that you use JavaServer Pages (JSPs) For the latter, Enterprise JavaBeans are suggested We'll discuss both more later on For now, let's focus on the process of servlet execution
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