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By 1992, there was tremendous pressure within Rauma s corporate management to divest themselves of their offshore business unit These pressures led to several events: A decision was made to restructure the offshore division The traditional fabrication yard organization was split into three different companies First, by joining with a large Finnish consulting company, a new engineering firm was established on a 50/50 ownership basis This new organization, named PI-Rauma was viewed as a marriage based on the strengths of both parties The consulting company needed shipbuilding and offshore experience to establish itself in that industry On the other hand, Rauma recognized that through the marketing channels the established consulting company offered, there would be a chance to gain additional onshore work in other industry segments Second, the workforce at the fabrication yard was trimmed to the absolute minimum and the facility was reorganized to operate as a general subcontractor, both in offshore and other industries This new fabricating firm was named Mantyluoto Works The third company, Rauma Offshore Contracting, was formed from the personnel comprising the business development, project management, and administration subunits of the old fabrication yard organization The mission of this group was to establish an offshore contracting business that was supposed to act independently from the other two companies, though using their services whenever possible As a result, Rauma, the parent corporation, ended up creating three independent companies from their former offshore unit Both the fabrication and engineering companies experienced some teething
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Page 178 problems during their start ups; however, they were operating in their traditional businesses and were also believed to be lean enough to keep costs under control and to be competitive Most observers, consequently, expected that they would prosper with their current configurations Unfortunately, in the case of the new contracting business, Rauma Offshore Contracting, the situation was quite different Because they were set to operate in a highly competitive, high-risk business, outside the small company itself, there were not many who believed in their chances of survival, let alone the possibility that they might be successful
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Pekka Laxell, the vice president responsible for the offshore business at Rauma not only believed in the business itself, but also in the idea of the new independent contracting company He realized that while the team had some handicaps, they still represented a unique concentration of expertise and experience that was rapidly disappearing from the market mired in a 10-year long recession Another factor in the contracting firm s favor was their control over a promising new product concept This product was part of a new product development portfolio put together in the end of 1980s, and since given to Rauma Offshore Contracting to exploit Furthermore, Pekka Laxell felt that the company s new, project management business model was agile enough to generate sales rapidly, particularly when they could combine their designs with a series of flexible fabrication options, intended to present customers with the maximum set of alternatives As a pilot test case for this project execution concept, the company inherited one ongoing, turn-key construction project situated in the Middle East In spite of a number of daunting competitive hurdles, Rauma Offshore Contracting was being positioned by its parent company to attempt to compete in a difficult industry and sales
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Page 179 climate One final question, however, remained: Who would be the right person to lead the new company In 1987, as part of Rauma s worldwide business development efforts, a young engineer named Risto Neuvo was appointed to manage the company s Singapore office Neuvo s background and education were in engineering, but he brought a wide-ranging set of skills to his new job, including time spent working in a design office as a technical designer and project manager for a range of smaller productbased delivery projects During these years, he also developed strong people skills through working directly with customers in his project management capacity For two years prior to his appointment to the Singapore office, he had managed a large machining shop In that time, he oversaw a significant restructuring and downsizing process at the shop, giving him a sense of the cost-cutting reality His last job before the Rauma Offshore assignment was a project manager involved in bidding large onshore high technology-based construction projects By 1992, Neuvo had managed the Singapore office for five years For almost that entire period Rauma s shipbuilding and offshore industry had been sailing on the increasingly stormy financial waters However, during this time, Neuvo had worked to build contacts and achieved some success in a very difficult marketplace Still less than 40 years old, his youth may have caused some concern but his successes in the Far East had been beyond question Neuvo was offered the leadership of Rauma Offshore Contracting, a start-up company of 50 people almost all older than himself with hardly any money, and a vague business idea Furthermore, the company was located in a small, rather remote Finnish town that was not exactly the kind of place where he had planned to spend the best years of his career On the other hand, he felt that the offshore business was presented a fascinating challenge and, should he be successful, the opportunity to be part of something big As an additional sweetener, the position was
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Page 180 very independent from corporate oversight and carried significant responsibilities features he found very appealing After considering the offer, Neuvo decided to take the job of managing director for Rauma Offshore Contracting His honeymoon period was brief Soon after taking over the contracting company, the realities of the serious challenges he faced began to pile up Neuvo had envisioned a fully independent operating organization, free from Rauma corporate control concerning day-to-day operations He perceived that the key to creating a motivated, committed organization was to minimize the involvement of the parent organization, an idea that increasingly came to be resented by the corporation s functional managers He found himself locked into repeated arguments with the corporate management, as they continued to attempt to exert influence on his unit s operations Although he eventually gained some control over a series of issues, most related to a guaranteed level of independent action, Neuvo was becoming increasingly worried about the fact that his initial small capitalization was rapidly running out The Middle Eastern project they had inherited was generating some revenues but the project also created a series of operational problems that required continuous attention At the same time, the marketing effort built around introducing their new product to US oil companies, although relatively moderate in scale, was consuming money faster than expected At this point, Neuvo and his new company were at a crossroads, personally and professionally He recognized the risks in the job he had taken but was becoming increasingly suspicious that to Rauma, the parent company, he was already being written off Was the corporate management using him to captain a ship they were convinced was sinking Had Rauma Offshore Contracting simply been established as one step in the process of closing the business What sustained Neuvo and his team through this time was the classic lifeboat mentality; recognizing that they were all at sea together and responsible for their own survival ultimately made it
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