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Many have contributed to my growth in learning to build networks It s hard to count the number of colleagues in the North American Network Operations Group and Internet Engineering Task Force who have helped me understand issues and with whom I brainstormed issues Thanks to Sean Donelan, Susan Harris, Sue Hares, Vijay Gill, Kevin Dubray, Yakov Rekhter, Frank Kastenholz, Lyman Chapin, Scott Bradner, Sean Doran, and Geoff Huston Major support came from my employer, Gett Communications and Gett Labs My previous employer, Nortel Networks, gave me many opportunities for thinking about, arguing about, and screaming about provider issues Let me thank colleagues including my immediate team of Francis Ovenden, Kirby Dolak, and Silvana Romagnino Other valuable insight came from Nortel colleagues including Avri Doria, Elwyn Davies, Fiffi Hellstrand, Ken Sundell, Ruth Fox, and Dmitri Krioukov The BGP convergence team in the IETF Benchmarking Working Group was another strong sounding board, where I am delighted to credit Padma Krishnaswamy, Marianne Lepp, Alvaro Retana, Martin Biddiscombe, and (again) Elwyn Davies and Sue Hares There are too many people on the Babylon research team to give individual credit, but let me single out Loa Andersson, Tove Madsen, and Yong Jiang, and again Avri Doria CertificationZonecom, and Paul Borghese s site and mailing list groupstudycom, have been an excellent forum to understand the learning process Let me thank Paul, as well as other contributors including Chuck Larrieu, John Neiberger, Peter van Oene, Erik Roy, and Priscilla Oppenheimer My home life stayed sane through a fourth book largely through the skill of my housekeeper and assistant, Mariatu Kamara, and my distinguished feline editorial assistant, Clifford even if he did have a hairball on the copy edit of 10 Carol Long of Wiley has been incredibly supportive in this project and throughout my publishing career This is my fourth full book, and the first one where the production and copy editors have made the process better rather than more frustrating Thanks to production editor Micheline Frederick and copy editor Stephanie Landis for adding value to the book Finally, I cannot sufficiently praise the contributions of Annlee Hines, my peer reviewer on this book
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Arthur C Clarke defined any sufficiently advanced technology as indistinguishable from magic A great many network service customers seem to believe in magical solutions, and, unfortunately, too many salespeople are willing to promise magical solutions Service provider engineers often face the need to meet a less than logical requirement Their customers might have posed more logical requirements had they read my WAN Survival Book, which focuses on the customer side of the WAN service relationship Nevertheless, many customers and their sales representatives have not done this, so this book needed to be written Building Service Provider Networks could perhaps have been titled Engineering Design of Magic Networks It gives approaches for implementing the provider side of a network offering with a service level agreement (SLA) without being afraid to mention technologies that, to put it politely, are just solidifying from conceptual vaporware It will mention when arguments for certain technologies are at least partially based on fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)
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Overview of the Book and Technology
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Systematic communications systems involving the transfer of messages without the need to handle paper have certainly been with us for at least two centuries, going back to Napoleonic semaphore systems Less systematic remote communications go back to smoke signals Electrical communications began in 1844, and were in regular commercial use by the late nineteenth century Electrical and electronic communications were largely controlled by technical monopolies, so innovation was paced by the operational needs of the major carriers and their ability to absorb and deploy new technology When telecommunications divestiture and widespread deregulation began in the 1970s, the rate of new technology introduction increased dramatically, interacting with customer perceptions to create incredible demand for both feasible and infeasible services
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