Keeping It Clean: The Corporate Governance/Nominating Committee in VS .NET

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Keeping It Clean: The Corporate Governance/Nominating Committee
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Agree on the CEO appraisal process, timing, and administrative responsibilities with the CEO and the board in advance CEO objectives should also include a development component Ensure that objective setting and appraisals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) CEOs sourced internally are more successful and the board should make certain that a viable succession plan is continually nurtured A viable succession plan could be implemented today if necessary Link succession planning to a talent retention strategy for the best and brightest Take the time to meet top managers Make certain that succession planning oversight has an owner on the board, either a director, directors, or the governance committee Independent directors control the director nomination process, with input from the CEO Consider director candidates recommended by shareholders under the same criteria as board sourced candidates Develop director candidate criteria from the needs of the board Qualified director candidates willing to serve are becoming scarce This can be overcome by the retention of a search firm that should be hired by, and report to the board A regularly scheduled review or audit can address strategy concerns in a nonthreatening way To avoid the perception of a witch-hunt, develop predefined events that would trigger a reassessment of a director s fitness to serve Knowledgeable directors can reduce board liability Make sure that the board has a viable director development program Directors need access to information Periodic updates between meetings and the receipt of board materials well in advance of a meeting help achieve this objective To prevent misinterpretation of board actions, unofficial drafts, notes, and other board materials are collected and disposed of after the formal minutes are finalized under a routine record retention policy
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Other Committees to Have and to Avoid
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very company has particular needs that may be industry driven, culturally related, or determined by the economic environment Where the risk of not meeting these needs significantly endangers the company, the board needs to make certain that they have the information and processes necessary to monitor them At times, oversight is best performed by a committee of the board In this chapter, we evaluate committees, other than audit, compensation, and governance that are popular with some boards
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