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articles dispensed useful advice to the nation s directors and gatekeepers However, each by nature is narrowly focused and cannot independently quench the incredible thirst for knowledge on the subject Therefore, I have written a book in which much of this advice has been excerpted and included together with the other important issues of our day There is little doubt that the risks from sitting on a board, including not-for-profits, has risen exponentially, leaving directors and related stakeholders searching for answers This necessitates a clearly written book that helps new or potential directors understand how boards operate, detail the special risks of board committees, identify best practices, and recognize the red flags of board governance Such a book is also useful to sitting directors for understanding governance trends, evaluating their own practices, and understanding what needs to be done if things go wrong This type of analysis helps directors to properly represent the company s shareholders and limit their own liability The problem with many books on corporate governance is that they are narrowly focused, addressing a segment of governance such as director liability, board independence, culture, risk assessment, and so on, or are written at a highly theoretical level that lacks practical guidance on application I have set out to provide a book that assists potential, new, and sitting directors in understanding and meeting the word and spirit of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and beyond This is accomplished not only by citing the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, but also by exploring best practices found around the world These practices are then packaged into five discrete governance factors to help directors think about governance as a process, one that can be followed, the results analyzed, and the implications of conclusions determined Numerous real world examples, vignettes, case studies, surveys, and other data are presented to bring context to the discussion My beliefs regarding board operations is similar to the one that I hold for company management that is, simply implementing procedural rules will not be effective if social issues are ignored The boards of Enron and WorldCom met the checklist criteria for acceptable governance practices of their day, and yet the companies melted down on their watch The culture of the company and social interaction of the board make a difference, and a workable framework
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weaves this important concept into the new procedural changes required by legislation, regulators, and even best practice Once you have completed this book, you will:
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Understand how current governance practices developed Appreciate your potential liability as a director Recognize the red flags of governance Be conversant in issues surrounding director selection and evaluation Understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain board structures Grasp the additional responsibilities associated with committee assignments Know what steps to take when a potential crisis threatens the company
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You will also have the tools to implement best governance practices even when there are few serious threats to the company The complexity of a directorship requires supervisory ability, emotional intelligence, and attention to procedural details These skills are important not only for the health of the company and its stockholders They also protect a director s reputation and financial wellbeing Risks to a serving director are real and must be managed Those who sit idle as events unfold around them will be held accountable The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the risks, remain engaged, and actively work for the stockholders of the company
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This book is truly a collaborative effort Without the help of many, it is likely that the topics raised in this book would be impenetrable to all but the most dogged readers These topics are usually technical; nevertheless, the goal here is to present them in a highly accessible manner (The initial drafts could quite possibly be classified as torture under international law!) To that purpose, several individuals dedicated substantial time reading my work-in-progress and challenging and helping me to refine the text so that we could benefit from their knowledge and expertise They include Mark Chimsky, Harold Gibson, Jim Balsillie, Rich Davis, Dr Cliff Green, Dane Bonn, Scott Foushee, Susan Foushee, Allan Shaw, Julie Daum, Arnold Ross, Mike Wilson, Les Zuke, Kevin Curtin, Lori Leach, and Gabriella Green While the opinions contained herein are my own, and not necessarily those of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, I would nevertheless like to express gratitude to those colleagues and coworkers who support my writing activities Without their help, my books would remain unpublished They include Stephen Dannhauser, Norman LaCroix, and Robert Messenio I would like to thank Sheck Cho, my editor, who believed me when I preached that Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act would result in the need for literary support He has helped John Wiley & Sons, Inc, dominate the fulfillment of that need He has also thrown his considerable support behind the needs of our nation s boards of directors faced, as they are, with the ever-changing world of corporate governance Sheck and the entire Wiley team are first rate I also appreciate the efforts of my agent, Richard Curtis His advice is always top shelf A special thanks to the fine companies that have contributed their years of collective knowledge and experience to this book is also due Johnson & Johnson s Credo, General Motors Audit Committee Charter, TIAA-CREF s Principles for Fund Governance and Practice, National Association of Corporate Directors Board Evaluation Tool, xv
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