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nothing to f ear
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the money was above board, the ads were legitimate, and the baseball fans and teams weren t subjected to countless, shameless plugs
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damn the depression, full speed ahead!
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In Walgreens century-long history, the Depression was the company s toughest time, for both the stores and the employees Yet, enduring the first four years of the Great Depression had little real impact on the company The company experienced a sea change in the middle of the Depression, however; and unlike most sweeping historical transformations, this one can be pinned to a single year, 1933, when the entire Walgreens corporation shifted its posture from merely surviving the Great Depression to thriving in spite of it In that one year FDR replaced Herbert Hoover, pushed through the New Deal (including the National Recovery Act Walgreens supported), and repealed Prohibition Walgreens prepared its stores to take advantage of the good news by sending buyers to Europe before the final announcement to bring back all the Scotch whiskey and French wine they could the day it was declared Walgreens was ready The company also joined the National Association of Chain Drugstores in 1933, broke the million-dollar mark for advertising investment, expanded its Agency system dramatically, and paid the first dividend in company history (25 cents per share), a happy habit that continues to this day Charles Chuck Walgreen Jr became an executive vice president and married Mary Ann Leslie, his father s secretary And, despite a cacophony of pessimism, the city of Chicago went ahead with its plans to host its second world s fair, titled A Century of Progress, which enjoyed surprising success All these events conspired to help Walgreens enter a bold period of expansion, one that outsiders thought impossible in that difficult decade Chicago s 1933 World s Fair had been designed to demonstrate man s
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america s corner s tore
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mastery over his environment which this vibrant city that men had made out of a swamp could fairly claim and to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the village s founding Planned a decade in advance, in much flusher times, critics warned that the timing couldn t be worse and that the fair was bound to flop Once again, however, Chicago s dogged optimism overcame all, just as it had so many times before Though the Century of Progress fair which must have seemed more than a bit ironically named in the face of massive unemployment was not as spectacular as Chicago s coming-out party in 1893, the 1933 version might have been more warmly welcomed by Chicagoans, who were hungrier for reassurance and relief from their daily struggles than were their ancestors The two fairs make convenient bookends for Walgreens remarkable rise When the previous one hit town, in 1893, Charles Sr had recently arrived in Chicago on the train, looking for work as a clerk His future wife and food division pioneer was then just a teenager awed by the bright lights of the White City At the time, there were some 1,500 pharmacies in town none of them Walgreens Forty years later, Charles had graduated from store clerk to the most prominent pharmacist in the nation, and one of the most successful businessmen in his adopted hometown As proof, Walgreens was the official pharmacy of the fair, with two futuristic art deco stores on the fairgrounds that quickly proved inadequate to meet the tremendous demand of the fairgoers Unlike most of the official fair vendors, Walgreens did not raise its prices to gouge the visitors, but it still managed to turn a decent profit Business was so brisk, in fact, that the company decided it had to expand its presence at the fair immediately Beno Borg, Chuck Walgreen s college roommate, called in all manner of tradesmen one minute after midnight on a Sunday, and six days later opened a 175-seat addition to the nearby 23rd Street plaza store, with 100 stools surrounding the soda fountain and a huge aquarium for a back bar On Labor Day 1933, Borg s expanded store served 19,000 customers, which remains the company high;
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