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week, the resilient Chicagoans had already built 5,000 temporary structures and started 200 permanent ones, which inspired Chicago Tribune editor Joseph Medill to write, In the midst of a calamity without parallel in the world s history, the people of this once beautiful city have resolved that CHICAGO SHALL RISE AGAIN 13 And rise it did, perhaps like no other city in the world In contrast to Tokyo and Berlin, which lost much of their ancient charm during their similarly massive rebuilding projects, Chicago had little of lasting value to lose in the bargain Chicago happily began to replace its seamier sides in favor of stone buildings, planned streets, and an infrastructure built to last This ability to adapt to sudden changes (which gerontologists tell us is one of the most common traits of those who live to be 100 years old) plus the capacity to surmount daunting obstacles and take on great challenges with complete conviction have long been central to Chicago s identity and, not coincidentally, Walgreens , too As recent chief executive officer (CEO) Dan Jorndt wrote to his minions, Don t be afraid to bite off more than you can chew: You ll be amazed how big your mouth can get 14 It s no accident that Walgreens has drawn its trademark resilience, grit, and understated confidence from the city that gave it birth In addition to possessing more than a little moxie, Chicago had all the raw materials it needed to fuel a roaring renaissance after the Great Fire, including Lake Michigan s endless supply of fresh water to the east, Wisconsin s vast acres of lumber to the north, the Midwest s fertile fields to the west and south, and the all-important shipping channels running through it By the time a young architect named Louis Sullivan took the train from Philadelphia to Chicago in 1873, his new city was home to the largest livestock, lumber, and grain markets in the world, with the biggest rail system to distribute all of it around the country As Sullivan noticed, biggest was the most popular word in the Chicago lexicon I thought it all magnificent and wild, Sullivan said of Chicago at the end of the nineteenth century A crude extravaganza; an intoxicating rawness 15 No large city, Miller wrote, not even Peter the Great s St Petersburg,
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from humble beginnings
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had grown so fast, and nowhere else could be found such a combination of wealth and squalor, beauty and ugliness, corruption and reform 16 Chicago s population skyrocketed from a mere 150 pioneers in 1833 to over a million people in 1890, vaulting it past Philadelphia as the secondbiggest US city These people all had to live somewhere, of course; and with property values soaring, architects like Sullivan and company decided the only solution was to build higher To do so, however, Chicago s new generation of architects had to figure out ways to build on the region s notoriously squishy soil and to get people to the top floors comfortably They solved the first problem by creating their own artificial bedrock a new technique and the second by soliciting the help of Elisha Graves Otis Contrary to popular belief, Otis did not invent the elevator it had already been around for some time when Chicago started building skyward But he invented something just as important: the mechanism for halting an elevator in free fall, without which no architect would have dared to build higher Because the new tall building transcended existing terminology, Chicagoans invented a new word for it: skyscraper The ground floors of skyscrapers would soon become Walgreens preferred location for most of its early corner stores Less than two decades after the Great Fire wiped out a third of Chicago, wrote Erik Larson in The Devil in the White City, They had not merely restored it; they had turned it into the nation s leader in commerce, manufacturing, and architecture But, he added, all the city s wealth had failed to shake the widespread perception that Chicago was a secondary city that preferred butchered hogs to Beethoven 17 Like most perceptions, this one existed for a reason: It was true Even the soaring skyscrapers could not cover the coarse character of the frontier town still bustling on the ground below Near the end of the nineteenth century, fully one-fifth of Chicago s population depended on the stockyards, either directly or indirectly, for economic survival John B Sherman s monolithic Union Stockyards alone employed 25,000 workers, who slaughtered some 14 million animals a year (The horrific working conditions and revolting practices of the stockyards were unforgettably
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