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america s corner s tore
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Eastern capitals like Boston and New York were already major cities in the seventeenth century, and even Western enclaves like New Orleans or St Louis were established outposts by the early nineteenth century But Chicago didn t even exist on any map until well into the nineteenth century What this utterly forgettable landscape did have, however, was a seemingly minor river running through it and that made all the difference Columbus left the Old World to find a passage to the Orient and failed Lewis and Clark left the East Coast to find an easy waterway to the Pacific Ocean and failed But when French missionary Jacques Marquette and his traveling partner, explorer Louis Joliet, set out on the last leg of their North American journey from the Great Lakes to find the Mississippi River in September 1673, they succeeded The answer to their riddle was traveling the tiny Chicago River (Chicago being a bastardized version of an Indian word for skunkweed, or wild onion, which covered the river banks), followed by a short portage into the Des Plaines River, which runs into the Illinois before joining the Mississippi Marquette and Joliet s discovery went largely ignored for 157 years, however, because it was too impractical to exploit That changed dramatically in 1830, when government planners working for the 12-year-old state of Illinois decided to dig a canal between the Chicago and Des Plaines rivers, ending the need for the troublesome portage, with two small towns Ottawa and Chicago planned for either end of the canal In August 1833, settlers signed papers at the rustic some reporters called it rancid and wretched Sauganah Hotel, incorporating the village of Chicago as a town, with a standing population of 150 people Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Michigan City, Indiana, had a big head start on the nascent hamlet; but after the pioneers finished cutting the canal between the Chicago and Des Plaines rivers, the clot in the waterway broke, allowing easy travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico There was now at least a reason to travel through this wasteland The town s rapid growth was driven by sheer utility, a place where grain, cattle, and immigrants came in and flour, meat, and migrants went out But in Chicago s first decades, it still wasn t much to look at An early his-
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from humble beginnings
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torian reported the place suffered from a most woe-begone appearance, even as a frontier town of the lowest classes 9 The townspeople built their homes, businesses, and even corduroy roads out of the acres of virgin forests that Michigan s lumber barons logged and shipped to Chicago daily There seemed no end to the raw building materials the Great Lakes state could provide, but that would prove to be a shortsighted solution at best On October 7, 1871, George Francis Train, who was a popular lecturer on moral themes, according to Donald Miller, gave a speech in a Chicago hall that went unrecorded, except for his final caveat: This is the last public address that will be delivered within these walls! A terrible calamity is impending over the city of Chicago! More I cannot say; more I dare not utter 10 We will never know what Train knew or how he knew it; but 24 hours after delivering those fateful words, he would be proven right beyond anyone s imagination, perhaps including his own On October 8, 1871 (two years before Charles Walgreen was born), at about 9 PM, Mrs Patrick O Leary s cow knocked over the infamous lamp in her barn on the West Side of the city, igniting some loose hay By the next morning, over 300 people had been killed, and almost a third of the city s 300,000 people were suddenly homeless, comprising the greatest single disaster in the United States to that date One witness said he thought he was witnessing the burning of the world 11 The hyperbole was understandable A modern reader looking at the photos of Chicago that week is reminded of Hiroshima or Dresden, with the landscape covered as far as the eye could see in rubble and smoldering coals, with just a few chimneys and bewildered onlookers left standing As stunning as the event was, the recovery was even more incredible and almost as fast a testament to Chicago s character Instead of feeling defeated, Chicagoans were convinced they had survived a biblical test, Miller wrote, a terrible but purifying act that had cleared the way for a vast regeneration that would transform their ruined city into the master metropolis of America 12 By the end of that horrible
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