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Ward his director of purchasing, a job Ward fulfilled to great acclaim for over three decades Walgreen s third store, at Michigan Avenue and 55th Street, not only served as a hedge against the possible failure of the second store when Walgreen heard rumors of another drugstore coming in across the street, it also attracted two young workers who would become Walgreens legends: Alphonse Starshak and Harry Goldstine Alphonse Al Starshak came in as an assistant manager and pharmacist in 1912, and Harry Goldstine came aboard the next year as a clerk Their recruitment and rise speaks volumes about the Walgreens approach to personnel generally Each man possessed qualities Walgreen admired in potential managers, the Kogans wrote, a penchant for organization, a willingness to work long hours without complaint, a desire to increase sales and profits for the company as well as compensation for themselves, an ability to confront problems without undue stress, and, above all, a zeal for unstinting service to customers of every sort and maintenance of good relationships with employees on every level 16 Starshak became Walgreens top trainer for new store managers, while Goldstine made a name for himself by developing training programs for everyone else Both men thereby dramatically influenced the character of the company at every level long after they retired as vice presidents decades later
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By 1912 the three Walgreens stores each had a professional pharmacy, a festive soda fountain, a popular lunch service (later expanded to serve three meals a day), and skilled, ambitious people to make them all hum It was time to copy the recipe and spread it around Walgreens opened its fourth store in 1913 at Calumet Avenue and 43rd Street , putting the young Goldstine in charge; and its fifth store opened
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two years later on Cottage Grove and 35th Street, just four blocks down from its first two stores, with Starshak running the new site Both new stores quickly proved to be as successful as their predecessors, convincing Walgreen to give the green light to more expansion plans The incredible growth to come and the remarkable risks Walgreen and his team would take to create it would be breathtaking to anyone but a Chicagoan living at the dawn of the twentieth century The company s leaders had been born in Chicago or drawn to the specter of its unequaled rise as a world-class city Since they could remember, they had seen miracles occurring all around them on an almost daily basis: the reversal of the Chicago River to better serve the young city; the town rising rapidly from the ashes of the Great Fire to become far bigger and better than before; the Columbian Exposition s fabulous White City emerging from a fetid swamp in just 18 months to wow the world; skyscrapers popping up every month, then every week, drawing neck-craning tourists from around the globe; and the growth of the city itself, from a backwater river town to one of the world s great cities in mere decades, arguably the most dramatic development of any city, anywhere, at any time Walgreen and his colleagues not only saw all this happen or read about it they felt it in their bones, breathed its spirit, and believed in its lessons In Chicago in the early twentieth century, more than in any other place or era, anything was possible if you were willing to work for it In short, Walgreens would never have become the Walgreens we know today if Chicago hadn t been Chicago At this fortuitous nexus of time and place existed the perfect storm of preconditions for a sensational success, including ambition, innovation, and confidence, coupled with the Midwestern work ethic and bedrock values that made Walgreens early growth possible With the success of the first three stores, Walgreen and his management team s outlook shifted from cautious optimism to voracious enthusiasm, snapping up every promising new location they discovered The company exploded from five stores in 1915 to nine the next year and to nineteen by
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