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difference and complained So Charles had to let the woman go and asked his wife if she could keep cooking just a little while longer A little while turned out to be three more years, until finally the demand for Myrtle s Home Cooking was so great especially after Walgreen opened his fourth store in 1913 that Charles decided it was time to open a company commissary to whip up Myrtle s popular fare for all his stores Walgreens food division, which started in Myrtle s cozy kitchen, would produce fully a third of all company profits for a half century and probably generated more affection and loyalty for the corporation than any other division Myrtle had made her mark Work was as natural to me as breathing, she wrote in her autobiography, at age 84 I cooked as happily as I ate, and I swept and dusted with the same verve I had for dancing A lot of happiness was stirred, beaten, and rolled into that food 14 You could argue that the pharmacy has always been the soul of Walgreens, the bedrock of intellectual integrity and community service especially during the first half of the century, when Charles and Chuck Walgreen emphasized the importance of maintaining a professional pharmacy department, even though it didn t make any money to speak of Then the soda fountain was Walgreens heart the friendly, fun side that made people smile and created an emotional bond with generations of Americans, one strong enough to endure and grow even after Walgreens closed the food division
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cultivating leaders
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Not only did Walgreens gradual early growth give Charles the space to install the soda fountain and lunch counter that became Walgreens calling card, but the new stores provided enough opportunity to allow Walgreen and Thorsen to hire and develop the core people who would direct the company s stunning growth through the mid-twentieth century Roland G Schmitt s path to and through Walgreens would become a
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well-worn one, and it is still traveled today The very day he enrolled in the Illinois School of Pharmacy in 1910, he noticed a help wanted announcement on a bulletin board at the school for a part-time apprentice at Walgreen s first store at the corner of Cottage Grove and Bowen avenues In the same youthful spirit that Walgreen demonstrated when he hopped on a train from Dixon to Chicago 17 years earlier, Schmitt stepped on a streetcar that afternoon, introduced himself to Arthur Thorsen who was impressed by the young man s wit and warmth and accepted Thorsen s offer of $8 a week (just $3 more than Walgreen earned after he got off the train almost two decades before) Schmitt worked at the store every morning for an hour and a half, took the same streetcar back to school for a day of classes, then returned to the store to work from 6 PM to midnight then got up and did it again after a few hours of sleep After graduation, Schmitt became a full-time employee, a store manager, and finally the vice president of store operations an unusually well-liked man with an easy smile He retired in 1960, after putting in a very productive half century with Walgreens15 Like most of Walgreens freshman class of executives, James E Ward began his tenure at the bottom and learned about the company from the ground up on his way to the executive level Ward struck Walgreen as an energetic, bright-eyed young man; so he hired Ward as a general utility boy at the second store on 39th Street in 1910, charging him with organizing the stockroom, making deliveries, and operating a medieval-looking machine that sharpened customers used razor blades, if you can imagine A few years later, Ward was felled by a thorax ailment so puzzling that doctors of the day couldn t diagnose it, even as Ward lay wasting away in his bed Determined to help his young understudy beat the odds, Walgreen asked a friend, Northwestern University s Dr N C Gilbert, for another opinion The resourceful doctor stopped Ward s demise by devising a way to drain the young man s lungs, starting Ward on his way to recovery Near the end of the decade, Ward was well enough to serve in World War I Walgreen s only recorded disappointment in Ward was his refusal to study pharmacy, though Walgreen apparently forgave him because he named
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