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america s corner s tore
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myriad neighborhoods into which he would soon be expanding after he started his own chain When the time came for him to run his own empire, the lessons learned in these early years would give him a great advantage over his competition In 1896, Walgreen eventually settled at William G Valentine s drugstore on Cottage Grove Avenue and 39th Street The site was ideally located on the first floor of the Thacker Building, one of hundreds of city structures finished right before the fair, with cable cars stopping on both streets of the intersection Thanks to his years as a drugstore journeyman, Walgreen s knowledge and skills had improved, earning him a decent $35 a month Valentine, however, was in the habit of criticizing him for the smallest infractions, which didn t sit well with the young man who was now putting in almost 80 hours a week and living with two roommates over the store in a bedbug-infested apartment (It s a testament to living conditions in nineteenth-century Chicago that a four-year-old building could already be infested with bed bugs) He d had enough While trying to decide just what to do and having grown weary of bouncing from job to job Walgreen liked to take his mind off his problems by going to the ballpark and the racetrack with his roommates One afternoon at the horses, he hauled in some $70, twice his monthly salary, and was so giddy he played hooky the next day by telling Mr Valentine he had a pressing appointment He then returned to the track and proceeded to lose all his winnings from the previous day, and then some A few more trips like that cured Walgreen of betting what he couldn t afford to lose; but for a man with such conservative instincts, his gambler s nerves would prove a great asset when he started his own business Seeing no way out of his predicament, Walgreen concluded he had little choice but to quit, yet again But before he walked out the door once more, a bit of long-dormant pride kicked in, and he decided to reform Not for its own virtue, mind you He wanted to become a model employee just long enough to make Valentine regret his leaving Walgreen s plan worked maybe too well Valentine was so impressed by the suddenly invigorated Walgreen s efforts that he bumped his
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from humble beginnings
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monthly salary from $35 to $45, and then again a little while later to $55 pretty good money for a drugstore clerk Valentine also began mentoring the young man in earnest, urging him to study the pharmacology bibles the US Pharmacopoeia, the National Formulary, and Remington s Walgreen probably surprised both Valentine and himself by taking the bait, poring over those dense tomes well enough to pass the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy examination in 1897 and become a registered pharmacist This meant that for the first time in his life, Walgreen was free to own and operate his own store, if he ever had the urge and the opportunity
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to live and almost die in cuba
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Whatever aspirations Walgreen might have harbored at the time were interrupted in February 1898 when the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor To this day, no one knows how or why the ship blew up, but that didn t stop the United States from declaring war on Spain on April 25, 1898 Walgreen signed up with the Illinois National Guard the next day, happily informing Mr Valentine that he was giving up the drug business for the army so he would have shorter hours and could sleep later in the morning, Myrtle recalled46 It didn t quite work out that way, of course Walgreen might have been a bit apathetic about the daily grind, but he was a passionate patriot, convinced that a man should contribute to his country s well-being in every way he could, Myrtle wrote47 When Walgreen s company commander asked him to take a day trip across the island of Cuba to map enemy positions, Walgreen hopped right to it What might have been a tedioius task turned into a breezy exercise when he came across an officer in another unit who had already created detailed maps of the Spanish forces and invited Walgreen to copy them So, while Teddy Roosevelt was leading the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill, Walgreen calmly traced his new friend s maps and then spent the afternoon swapping stories and smoking fresh Cuban cigars all to make
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