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poised to pounce
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were doing it and with good reason It turns out that at least four Rite Aid executives overstated earnings by some $16 billion, leading to an artificially inflated stock price, which padded the executives incentiveladen pay packages At the time, Rite Aid s restatement was the largest in the history of US business When prosecutors produced a tape secretly recorded by an employee, all four executives, including former CEO Martin L Grass and former chief financial officer [CFO] Franklyn M Bergonzi pled guilty and are now serving jail time53) Even among those who play clean, however, Walgreens still faces enough competition to keep it honest Those guys are in our stores night and day, Jorndt said Why They re focused retailers! They figure if they learn one little thing from Walgreens, it s worth it And we re in their stores all the time doing the same thing 54 These days, however, the number and variety of competitors has expanded greatly and now includes mass merchants like Wal-Mart, which currently ranks third in prescriptions filled behind only Walgreens and CVS Wal-Mart has had its own problems, of course, but it promises to be a formidable force for some time to come Bernauer explained, When you look at our industry, 80 percent of what s sold in the front end of the store comes from big boxes [like Wal-Mart], and that s important to understand So in other words, when you look at our categories you re talking paints and batteries and stationery, all those things all that stuff we sell in the stores, 80 percent of all of it sold nationwide is [also] sold in food stores like Krogers and mass merchants like Target and Wal-Mart; 15 percent of it is sold in other drugstores; and 5 percent of it is sold in Walgreens So, when we start talking about competition, one of the keys to remember is that our competition is much more about grocery stores and mass merchants than it is about other drugstores So now we have to focus on that 55 Of course, competition is nothing new, going back to the days Charles Sr had to battle the cheap pine boards during the Depression and Chuck
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had to stare down Spiegel s and the like Walgreens has always found a way to separate itself from the rest Walgreens breaks down the current competition into two categories big boxes and drugstores and has created two different approaches to face them Bernauer explained, How we compete against drugstores is much more of an execution issue, since we re all trying to accomplish roughly the same thing The question is: Who can do it better But with the big boxes, the biggest difference is that, obviously enough, they re big boxes, and we re a small box We have a much smaller trade area than they do But because it s a smaller trade area, it means we can offer more convenience a quick stop compared to a long stop56 Walgreens second advantage over the Wal-Marts of the world is the target area of each store Because a typical Wal-Mart super center draws from a 15-mile radius of customers, it attracts a much broader mix of consumers than does a Walgreens, which might draw from a 5-mile radius, allowing the store to enact more niche marketing than Wal-Mart can We get a pocket of population that is unique, in some way, Bernauer said, so that allows us to tune our store to the specific neighborhood we re serving, in terms of age, income, race, even local events We are continually developing that and finding the tools to broaden the mix of options of what s in each store So that gives us a real advantage 57 Despite all the evolutions Walgreens has undergone over the century, some things never change, and three of them are location, location, location Bernauer observed, The primary thing I m focused on right now, on a strategic basis, is site selection Now you wouldn t think of that as a strategy, maybe more of a tactic; but because of the nature of our business and the importance of being close to the customer, locating and designing the store is a big way we can improve We spend a lot of time on that We
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