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poised to pounce
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Once we got by ourselves, the store manager says, I ve taken that [pharmacy board] exam three times, and I just can t pass it Will you let me off the hook I thought for a moment, and said, Well, what would you do in my shoes He thought for a moment and said, I wouldn t let me off the hook I said, You re right But you haven t made up your mind to pass it You re not dumb So if you apply yourself, really apply yourself, you ll pass Well, I just got a letter from him about six months ago saying, I just wanted you to know: I passed the test You want to have people have high expectations for themselves and the company34 More stores require more people, of course To double the number of stores in a decade, Jorndt s team had to find thousands of new employees, without diluting the character of the company To do so, Jorndt stuck to Walgreens traditional philosophy of hiring as much as possible from the Walgreens extended family aunts, brothers, daughters, and the like and promoting from within the company whenever it could This was far easier to do at Walgreens than it would be at other companies At Walgreens biannual managers meeting in 2001, almost 5,000 people gathered in Nashville To open the meeting, Jorndt asked all those who had a relative working at Walgreens to stand up The result Well, eyeballing the crowd, I d say 60 to 70 percent of our top people have someone in their family working for the company One guy s dad had 47 years of service Another had 33 I just wrote a 30-year congratulation letter to Paul Bonk in Iowa His dad was a 55-year Walgreens man One of our brightest young men s dad just retired with 37 years at Walgreens I think that really says something good about Walgreens When your dad tells you, You should work at Walgreens, that s a good sign Because if they didn t really believe in the place, they wouldn t want their own children working in that company35
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You ll have to forgive me if I go on about Walgreens, Jorndt said, taking a momentary pause, but I really do mean it Despite the preponderance of extended family members hired to work for Walgreens, the company s promoting practices don t give any dispensation for nepotism Having a father or a sister working for Walgreens might help you get in the door, but it won t help you stay there or move up even if you re the offspring of company legends Cork Walgreen s six sons all worked for Walgreens, but only Kevin is still with the company, working his way up to a vice president for store operations, with no guarantee that he will one day lead the business (Demonstrating the family aversion to self-promotion, Kevin politely but steadfastly declined to be interviewed for this book, not wanting special treatment) A key to any good corporation, of course, especially one growing as fast as Walgreens was in the 1990s, is the ability to identify, develop, and promote talent in the field For that, Walgreens relies on its 15 store operations vice presidents As Jorndt said, They re really the flag-bearers for our company Their job is going from store to store, teaching and listening and looking for talent, because talent can get lost out there when you re so spread out And you never know when someone is going to pop up So these people serve as talent scouts The district manager might say, Well, John s pretty good or Dan s pretty good But when the vice presidents go in there with all their years of experience and all the moxie they ve got, they might see a young guy with some talent and say, I d like you to move this individual into an even bigger operation Let s see what he s got Let s challenge him We have an expression called the Quantum Leap We like to give people quantum leaps, which work like this: You come in, a young college graduate, a hard-charger We give you a store after a year and a half or so, and you re just knocking the blocks off it So we could
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