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Key Performance Indicators
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Improved cost-efficiency of IT processes (costs vs deliverables) Increased number of IT action plans for process improvement initiatives Increased utilisation of IT infrastructure Increased satisfaction of stakeholders (survey and number of complaints) Improved staff productivity (number of deliverables) and morale (survey) Increased availability of knowledge and information for managing the enterprise Increased linkage between IT and enterprise governance Improved performance as measured by IT balanced scorecards
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Source: 1996, 1998, 2000 IT Governance Institute (ITGI) All rights reserved
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IT Governance Maturity Model
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Governance over information technology and its processes with the business goal of adding value, while balancing risk versus return 3 0 Non-existent There is a complete lack of any recognisable IT governance process The organisation has not even recognised that there is an issue to be addressed and hence there is no communication about the issue Initial /Ad Hoc There is evidence that the organisation has recognised that IT governance issues exist and need to be addressed There are, however, no standardised processes, but instead there are ad hoc approaches applied on an individual or case-by-case basis Management s approach is chaotic and there is only sporadic, nonconsistent communication on issues and approaches to address them There may be some acknowledgement of capturing the value of IT in outcome-oriented performance of related enterprise processes There is no standard assessment process IT monitoring is only implemented reactively to an incident that has caused some loss or embarrassment to the organisation Repeatable but Intuitive There is global awareness of IT governance issues IT governance activities and performance indicators are under development, which include IT planning, delivery and monitoring processes As part of this effort, IT governance activities are formally established into the organisation s change management process, with active senior management involvement and oversight Selected IT processes are identified for improving and/or controlling core enterprise processes and are effectively planned and monitored as investments, and are derived within the context of a defined IT architectural framework Management has identified basic IT governance measurements and assessment methods and techniques, however, the process has not been adopted across the organisation There is no formal training and communication on governance standards and responsibilities are left to the individual Individuals drive the governance processes within various IT projects and processes Limited governance tools are chosen and
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implemented for gathering governance metrics, but may not be used to their full capacity due to a lack of expertise in their functionality Defined Process The need to act with respect to IT governance is understood and accepted A baseline set of IT governance indicators is developed, where linkages between outcome measures and performance drivers are defined, documented and integrated into strategic and operational planning and monitoring processes Procedures have been standardised, documented and implemented Management has communicated standardised procedures and informal training is established Performance indicators over all IT governance activities are being recorded and tracked, leading to enterprise-wide improvements Although measurable, procedures are not sophisticated, but are the formalisation of existing practices Tools are standardised, using currently available techniques IT Balanced Business Scorecard ideas are being adopted by the organization It is, however, left to the individual to get training, to follow the standards and to apply them Root cause analysis is only occasionally applied Most processes are monitored against some (baseline) metrics, but any deviation, while mostly being acted upon by individual initiative, would unlikely be detected by management Nevertheless, overall accountability of key process performance is clear and management is rewarded based on key performance measures Managed and Measurable There is full understanding of IT governance issues at all levels, supported by formal training There is a clear understanding of who the customer is and responsibilities are defined and monitored through service level agreements Responsibilities are clear and process ownership is established IT processes are aligned with the business and with the IT strategy Improvement in IT processes is based primarily upon a quantitative understanding and it is possible to monitor and measure compliance with procedures and process metrics All process stakeholders are aware of risks, the importance of IT and the opportunities it can offer Management has defined tolerances under which processes must operate Action is taken in many, but not all cases where processes appear not to be working effectively or
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