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Accelerated Reporting Requirement
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Quickly Assembling Data The requirement regarding data assembly speed is fulfilled mostly through transaction processing systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and customer relationship management (CRM) In these systems, each transaction in which the enterprise is involved is captured at the point of the transaction itself The systems are structured such that a transaction cannot go through unless all the relevant data is incorporated into them5 In many corporations, this kind of data might be captured through legacy or functionally dedicated (single-module) transaction processing systems, such as sales order management systems, procurement systems, billing systems, and so on In these cases, the data is usually routed in some form to the mother-ship ERP system However, if the integration is not done properly, there is the possibility of a weakness at this point If the enterprise uses several such disparate legacy or functionally dedicated systems,6 it is important to closely audit their integration with the core financial and accounting or ERP system
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This kind of data repository is inherently available in corporations that have an integrated ERP system in place For other organizations, with heterogeCentralized Data (or Centrally Accessible Data) Repository
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Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley
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neous technologies and business applications, the repository would exist if data warehouse systems (especially extraction, transformation, and loading [ETL] tools) have been deployed and the appropriate metadata architecture has been implemented (ie, centralized for small- and medium-sized enterprises, decentralized for large enterprises, or distributed for enterprises that have gone through several mergers and acquisitions) For very large organizations with multiple transaction systems and data overlap problems,7 this centralized repository can be supplemented with enterprise repositories The reporting systems deployed in the corporation are likely to be much more sophisticated than a typical management information system (MIS) However, an MIS would fulfill a lot of the Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements This does mean that the analysts have to take the MIS reports, feed them into spreadsheets, and then do their own analyses Although this process is prone to error and is person-dependent, it is a reasonably good solution for small and medium-sized enterprises An alternative approach would be to import a lot of the analyses into preprogrammed business intelligence (BI) tools (such as OLAP, data mining, and related decision support tools) and let the analysts work out various analyses A new category of enterprise applications can be highly useful for providing reporting of material events in real time : namely, business activity monitoring systems Various enterprise applications have a module that falls into this category, and several dedicated applications in this category also exist Related classes of applications that will put real-time information at the fingertips of the CEO and the CFO are Executive Dashboards and the various business performance monitoring and operational intelligence systems
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Reporting and Analytical Systems Report Distribution System or Document Management and Workflow Systems
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Although reporting requirements would be satisfied with a report distribution system, it is best to go for an integrated (and versatile) document management and workflow system (DMS) A DMS combined with a workflow system would enable the same solutions to be uti-
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lized for multiple requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley Hence, this would be an ideal choice for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; together with ERP and enterprise application integration (EAI), it may even be a musthave system
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Public Information Distribution System The Sarbanes-Oxley requirements regarding public distribution of information can be taken care of by deploying enterprise information portal systems These portals can disburse information to the appropriate stakeholders and investors, as well as to regulatory authorities The portals do the job of publishing the appropriate documents and real-time alerts through proper access control systems, after going through the predefined approval hierarchy, by posting them automatically on to the enterprise web sites on the Internet and any intranets Most portal systems also allow automatic notification e-mails and short message service (SMS) alerts to be sent to subscribed users A simplified alternative is to have a basic web site where important information is published, and through which e-mail notifications to various agencies and regulatory authorities are sent, in addition to electronic and hard-copy filings Further, notification of investors and stakeholders via e-mail newsletters can also fulfill several important requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley
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