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473 Avdeef, A; Berger, C M; Brownell, C, pH-metric solubility 2 Correlation between the acid-base titration and the saturation shake- ask solubility-pH methods, Pharm Res 17, 85 89 (2000) 474 Avdeef, A; Berger, C M, pH-metric solubility 3 Dissolution titration template method for solubility determination, Eur J Pharm Sci 14, 281 291 (2001) 475 Chowhan, Z T, pH-solubility pro les of organic carboxylic acids and their salts, J Pharm Sci 67, 1257 1260 (1978) 476 Bogardus, J B; Blackwood, R K Jr, Solubility of doxycycline in aqueous solution, J Pharm Sci 68, 188 194 (1979) 477 Ahmed, B M; Jee, R D, The acidity and solubility constants of tetracyclines in aqueous solution, Anal Chim Acta 166, 329 333 (1984) 478 Chiarini, A; Tartarini, A; Fini, A, pH-solubility relationship and partition coef cients for some anti-in ammatory arylaliphatic acids, Arch Pharm 317, 268 273 (1984) 479 Anderson, B D, Conradi, R A, Predictive relationships in the water solubility of salts of a nonsteroidal anti-in ammatory drug, J Pharm Sci 74, 815 820 (1985) 480 Streng, W H; Tan, H G H, General treatment of pH solubility pro les of weak acids and bases II Evaluation of thermodynamic parameters from the temperature dependence of solubility pro les applied to a zwitterionic compound, Int J Pharm 25, 135 145 (1985) 481 Zimmermann, I, Determination of overlapping pKa values from solubility data, Int J Pharm 31, 69 74 (1986) 482 Garren, K W, Pyter, R A, Aqueous solubility properties of a dibasic peptide-like compound, Int J Pharm 63, 167 172 (1990) 483 Islam, M H; Narurkar, M M, Solubility, stability and ionization behavior of famotidine, J Pharm Pharmacol 45, 682 686 (1993) 484 Streng, W H; Yu, D H-S Precision tests of a pH-solubility pro le computer program, Int J Pharm 164, 139 145 (1998) 485 Roseman, T J; Yalkowsky, S H, Physical properties of prostaglandin F2a (tromethamine salt): Solubility behavior, surface properties, and ionization constants, J Pharm Sci 62, 1680 1685 (1973) 486 Attwood, D; Gibson, J, Aggregation of antidepressant drugs in aqueous solution, J Pharm Pharmacol 30, 176 180 (1978) 487 Streng, W H; Yu, D H-S; Zhu, C, Determination of solution aggregation using solubility, conductivity, calorimetry, and ph measurements, Int J Pharm 135, 43 52 (1996) 488 Zhu, C; Streng, W H, Investigation of drug self-association in aqueous solution using calorimetry, conductivity, and osmometry, Int J Pharm 130, 159 168 (1996) 489 Ritschel, W A; Alcorn, G C; Streng, W H; Zoglio, M A, Cimetidine-theophylline complex formation, Meth Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 5, 55 58 (1983) 490 Li, P; Tabibi, S E; Yalkowsky, S H, Combined effect of complexation and pH on solubilization, J Pharm Sci 87, 1535 1537 (1998) 491 Nunez, F A A; Yalkowsky, S H, Solubilization of diazepam, J Pharm Sci Tech 33 36 (1997) 492 Meyer, J D; Manning, M C, Hydrophobic ion pairing: Altering the solubility properties of biomolecules, Pharm Res 15, 188 193 (1998)
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493 Narisawa, S; Stella, V J, Increased shelf-life of fosphenytoin: solubilization of a degradant, phenytoin, through complexation with (SBE)7m-b-CD, J Pharm Sci 87, 926 930 (1998) 494 Higuchi, T; Shih, F-M L; Kimura, T; Rytting, J H, Solubility determination of barely aqueous soluble organic solids, J Pharm Sci 68, 1267 1272 (1979) 495 Venkatesh, S; Li, J; Xu, Y; Vishnuvajjala, R; Anderson, B D, Intrinsic solubility estimation and pH-solubility behavior of cosalane (NSC 658586), and extremely hydrophobic diprotic acid, Pharm Res 13, 1453 1459 (1996) 496 Badwan, A A; Alkaysi, H N; Owais, L B; Salem, M S; Arafat, T A, Terfenadine, Anal Pro les Drug Subst 19, 627 662 (1990) 497 Streng, W H, Hsi, S K; Helms, P E; Tan, H G H, General treatment of pH-solubility pro les of weak acids and bases and the effect of different acids on the solubility of a weak base, J Pharm Sci 73, 1679 1684 (1984) 498 Miyazaki, S; Oshiba, M; Nadai, T, Precaution on use of hydrochloride salts in pharmaceutical formulation, J Pharm Sci 70, 594 596 (1981) 499 Ledwidge, M T; Corrigan, O I, Effects of surface active characteristics and solid state forms on the pH solubility pro les of drug-salt systems, Int J Pharm 174, 187 200 (1998) 500 Jinno, J; Oh, D-M; Crison, J R; Amidon, G L, Dissolution of ionizable water-insoluble drugs: The combined effect of pH and surfactant, J Pharm Sci 89, 268 274 (2000) 501 Mithani, S D; Bakatselou, V; TenHoor, C N; Dressman, J B, Estimation of the increase in solubility of drugs as a function of bile salt concentration, Pharm Res 13, 163 167 (1996) 502 Anderson, B D; Flora, K P, Preparation of water-soluble compounds through salt formation, in Wermuth, C G (ed), The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, Academic Press, London, 1996, pp 739 754 503 Engel, G L; Farid, N A; Faul, M M; Richardson, L A; Winneroski, L L, Salt selection and characterization of LY333531 mesylate monohydrate, Int J Pharm 198, 239 247 (2000) 504 McFarland, J W; Avdeef, A; Berger, C M; Raevsky, O A, Estimating the water solubilities of crystalline compounds from their chemical structure alone, J Chem Inf Comput Sci 41, 1355 1359 (2001) 505 McFarland, J W; Du, C M; Avdeef, A, Factors in uencing the water solubility of crystalline drugs, in van de Waterbeemd, H; Lennernas, H; Artursson, P (eds), Drug Bioavailability Estimation of Solubility, Permeability, Absorption and Bioavailability, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003 (in press) 506 Bergstrom, C A S; Strafford, M; Lazarova, L; Avdeef, A; Luthman, K; Artursson, P, Absorption classi cation of oral drugs based on molecular surface properties, J Med Chem 46, 558 570 (2003) 507 Yalkowsky, S H; Dannenfelser, R-M (eds), AQUASOL dATAbASE of Aqueous Solubility, 5th ed, College of Pharmacy, Univ Arizona, Tucson, 1998 508 Abraham, M H; Le, J, The correlation and prediction of the solubility of compounds in water using an amended solvation energy relationship, J Pharm Sci 88, 868 880 (1999) 509 Faller, B; Wohnsland, F, Physicochemical parameters as tools in drug discovery and lead optimization, in Testa, B; van de Waterbeemd, H; Folkers, G; Guy, R (eds), Pharmacokinetic Optimization in Drug Research, Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta, Zurich and Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2001, pp 257 274
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