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accessible within the class itself and from classes in the same package Protected members are, in addition, accessible from subclasses anywhere Members with private accessibility are only accessible within the class itself 417 (b) A private member is only accessible within the class of the member If no accessibility modifier has been specified for a member, the member has default accessibility, also known as package accessibility The keyword default is not an accessibility modifier, and its only use is as a label in a switch statement A member with package accessibility is only accessible from classes in the same package Subclasses in other packages cannot access a member with default accessibility 418 (a), (c), (d), (e), and (h) The lines (1), (3), (4), (5), and (8) will compile Keep in mind that a protected member of a superclass is only accessible in a subclass that is in another package, if the member is inherited by an object of the subclass (or by an object of a subclass of this subclass) This rules out (2), (6), and (7) The class D does not have any inheritance relationship with any of the other classes, and it does not inherit the field pf This rules out the lines from (9) to (12)
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(b) and (e) You cannot specify accessibility of local variables They are accessible only within the block in which they are declared Objects themselves do not have any accessibility, only references to objects do If no accessibility modifier (public, protected, or private) is given in the member declaration of a class, the member is only accessible by classes in the same package A subclass does not have access to members with default accessibility declared in a superclass, unless both classes are in the same package Local variables cannot be declared static or have an accessibility modifier
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(c) The line void k() { i++; } can be re-inserted without introducing errors Re-inserting line (1) will cause the compilation to fail, since MyOtherClass will try to override a final method Re-inserting line (2) will fail, since MyOtherClass will no longer have a default constructor The main() method needs to call the default constructor Reinserting line (3) will work without any problems, but re-inserting line (4) will fail, since the method will try to access a private member of the superclass
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(e) An object reference is needed to access non-static members Static methods do not have the implicit object reference this, and must always supply an explicit object reference when referring to non-static members The static method main() legally refers to the non-static method func(), using the reference variable ref Static
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members are accessible both from static and non-static methods, using their simple names No NullPointerException is thrown, as ref refers to an instance of MyClass 422 (c) Local variables can have the same name as member variables The local variables will simply shadow the member variables with the same names Declaration (4) defines a static method that tries to access a variable named a, which is not locally declared Since the method is static, this access will only be valid if variable a is declared static within the class Therefore, declarations (1) and (4) cannot occur in the same class declaration, while declarations (2) and (4) can 423 (b) The keyword this can only be used in instance (non-static) methods Only one occurrence of each static variable of a class is created, when the class is loaded by the JVM This occurrence is shared among all the objects of the class (and for that matter, by other clients) Local variables are only accessible within the block scope, regardless of whether the block scope is defined within a static context 424 (c) A class can be declared abstract even if it does not delcare any abstract methods The variable k cannot be declared synchronized Only methods and blocks can be synchronized 425 (c) The declaration in (c) is not legal, as variables cannot be declared abstract The keywords static and final are valid modifiers for both field and method declarations The modifiers abstract and native are valid for methods, but not for fields 426 (a) and (c) Abstract classes can declare both final methods and non-abstract methods Nonabstract classes cannot, however, contain abstract methods Nor can abstract classes be final Only methods can be declared native 427 (a) The keyword transient signifies that the fields should not be stored when objects are serialized Constructors cannot be declared abstract When an array object is created, as in (c), the elements in the array object are assigned the default value corresponding to the type of the elements Whether the reference variable denoting the array object is a local or a member variable is irrelevant Abstract methods from a superclass need not be implemented by a subclass, but the subclass must then be declared abstract
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