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were about my mind was guring out how to refer to them during the presentation Oh , she said, they are supposed to be the company values and went back to what she was saying What The company values learning The company wants its employees to learn more Brilliant! Really, it wasn t about making her team more Agile It was about making the company values come alive, making them mean something more than just some modern art on the wall I knew at that moment that she wouldn t fail What she was doing was completely aligned with the strategy and values of the company Too many people have become cynical about company mission statements and values Statements get read, but go in one eye and out of the other People think that they apply to someone else and not them Many managers know this they probably think the same thing! What s a poor CEO supposed to do Find out if your company has a values statement, mission statement, strategy description or any other kind of statement about what they re doing Read it carefully and see if you can nd any support for what you d like to do Does it talk about change Serving customers better Learning Adapting The chances are it does these things are important to senior managers This might be all the support you need to get started on Agile Of course, you might nd that your manager has become cynical about the mission statement too, but if you have the CEO on your side, you re off to a ying start
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Learning is happening all the time Our challenge is to harness the learning for change and knowledge creation This means that we need to ensure that learning is occurring in the right direction we don t need to work out everything that needs to be learned; just that learning is happening in the general area And it means that we need to speed up the learning process to bring business bene ts There s much that we can do to seed learning and provide learning opportunities, and this all starts with the individual Beyond the individual, we need the team, the group and the organization to learn This is the subject of the next chapter
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The Learning Organization
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In the accumulation of over 20 years of studies, they [organizational learning writers] have not developed a comprehensive view on what constitutes organisational learning Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi (1995)
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So far, I have described the role of learning and knowledge in the creation of software development and suggested some means of enhancing learning During this discussion, the ideas of organizational learning and the learning organization have arisen In this chapter, I want to explore these ideas in more detail and consider what such an organization would look like and what it would do As I noted in the introduction, Agile teams need to be learning organizations in their own right The term learning team is probably a more accurate description of an effective Agile team Such teams need to learn together to create large pieces of software in the application, solution and process domains Learning teams need to help individual members learn and learn collectively Such learning teams form building blocks of the bigger learning organization For those working in a large organization, it can often seem that the company is determined to restrict our learning A constant focus on making money deprives us of time to learn, and the need to drive down costs stops us getting the resources we need Corporate organization and internal politics seem to create barriers to our learning
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