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Maybe you need to change some aspect of your behaviour Perhaps you can set a good example to the team, or perhaps you can experiment with a different way of doing things Ask others how you could improve What do others think that you could do better Maybe you can pick one of the speci c methods discussed here and put it into practice: keep your own diary, start a book study group, listen to people If you don t know what needs doing, then seek out someone who does: your manager, your manager s manager, an expert in the eld, an outside consultant, or just the people who you work with every day Understand what s going on around you: watch and listen to what s happening in your organization and try to understand Avoid cynicism when interpreting events Instead, prefer the principle of Occam s razor: look for the simplest explanation possible
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Over time, you can expand your activities: you ll gain con dence in yourself and others will gain con dence in you
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1231 Warnings
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However, this advice doesn t come without warnings Changing yourself might not be easy; nor might it be comfortable It s easy to fall back on your old ways of doing things Those around you may feel uncomfortable when you change: it may take time for people to recognize and accept your personal changes Not everything that you try will be successful Some decisions will go against you, some initiatives will fail to attract support and others will start well but lose their momentum At times like these, it can be hard to muster the energy to continue and persevere But persevere you must Sticking with your initiatives will help you to establish credibility Listen to what others say: try to understand why things happened, why some things succeed and others fail, and why each decision was made Use this information to adjust your plans and initiatives Savour your successes and accept your defeats graciously easier said than done Seek to learn from everything you do success or failure It s a cliche to say learn from your failures , but remember to learn from your successes too
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1232 Legitimacy
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Before embarking on a change initiative, it s essential to check you should be doing so Ask yourself:
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New Beginnings
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Have I been asked to do this Do I have the authority to do this Do I need to do this to achieve another of my stated objectives
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Kicking off change without legitimacy may not be the best career move you ever made Fortunately, without some degree of legitimacy you re unlikely to get very far: sooner or later people will say No and you ll have problems acquiring resources On the other hand, you may be able to start a debate that eventually ends up as a change programme The management guru Tom Peters2 quotes the American comedian Roseanne Barr: Nobody gives you power you just take it!
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1233 In a Lonely Place
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Introducing change can be lonely and demoralizing In the beginning, it might only be you who can see the need for change or the opportunities Sometimes especially at rst you may be a lone voice for change and at times you ll feel isolated Worse still, because change always takes longer than you think, this isolation may last for some time The best advice is to look for supporters and allies Find people who are receptive to your ideas, people to whom you can talk Like-minded individuals can help relieve the loneliness and share the burden Having trusted colleagues with whom you can to share and discuss ideas is invaluable You re going to need other people on your change journey, because you can t do everything yourself Nor can you be seen to be doing everything yourself If you do everything yourself, or even if you re perceived as doing everything yourself, then you re not spreading the change If change is dependent on you alone, then it isn t sustainable in the long run There are also times when you ll nd your changes blocked You need your allies to keep your spirits up, but you also need them to nd a way around the obstacles Sometimes the obstacles will be more about you than about your ideas, and in these cases you might need to use one of your allies as a proxy to further your goals If you do so, remember that these people are still their own men and women they aren t on remote control and they won t always do things the way you would have done Although you may begin the change journey on your own, you can t nish on your own Change begins with yourself, but ultimately changing the way in which you develop software means helping the whole team, and your organization
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See Peters (2003)
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