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1 Probability analysis is used to determine the likelihood that a certain event will or will not happen It is used in evaluating insurance risk and the development of insurance rates When used with investments, it helps determine the likelihood that a certain return will be earned and may be used to evaluate the likelihood that the economy will be reacting in a speci c way at a particular time in the future 2 Modeling and simulation are tools that permit evaluation of various decisions under differing environmental circumstances before committing money to a speci c investment or project When probability theory is combined with the various models and/or simulations, the probability of each scenario can be evaluated and decisions made that will provide the best result, using the most likely scenario and/or the least damaging result under the least favorable scenario 3 Sensitivity analysis involves the degree of change in results that arises from small changes in inputs The independent variable (input) is changed to see how sensitive the dependent variable is to the input This can be used to evaluate the volatility of various investment alternatives For example, you can see how sensitive a stock s price is by changes in sales
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1 A structured settlement is designed to spread out the payments to the recipient The primary reason for a structured product is that it simpli es the need for managing money and reduces the problem of running out of funds before death 2 When money comes from a legal action, it is paid as a legal settlement Legal settlements can be paid as lump sums or as structured settlements 3 Lottery winnings and monetary windfalls A The biggest problem facing those who come into a lot of money is the number of people who want part of it The vast majority of lottery winners have little to show after ve years B Purchasing a new house and car, taking several vacations, and gifting to friends and family result in an erosion of the uniform estate and gift tax credit and may well result in transfer taxes being owed C Lottery winnings, gambling winnings, and the like are subject to income taxes
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58 - General Principles of Financial Planning 4 Lump sum retirement distributions A This is a distribution from a quali ed plan that represents the participant s entire account balance To be quali ed as a lump sum distribution, the distribution must meet certain conditions (1) The client must have been a plan participant for at least ve years (2) The funds must be distributed to the client within one taxable year (3) The distribution must represent the entire account balance or bene t (4) The amount distributed must be payable only upon death, attainment of age 591 2, separation of service, or disability B A decision must be made as to whether to pay the tax on the lump sum right away or to postpone the tax by rolling over the money into an IRA If the latter decision is made, the money must be rolled over to an IRA within 60 days or directly transferred 5 Insurance proceeds A Alternatives to receiving insurance proceeds (1) As a lump sum payment All proceeds are received in one lump sum payment (2) As an annuity payment Life insurance allows for the distribution of a sum of money on an actuarial basis for xed intervals B Tax consequences (1) A lump sum payment is income tax free This is the most popular choice of life insurance settlement A cash settlement allows the bene ciary to retire outstanding debt, pay funeral costs, provide for an emergency fund, and allow for investing in the market (2) An annuity payment is partially taxable Each annuity payment represents a combination of the return of principal and interest and dividends on the principal The principal portion has already been taxed and will not be taxed again when the payments are received The interest and dividends are generally taxed as income C Fixed annuity versus variable annuity (1) A xed annuity guarantees a stated return during the life of the contract (2) Variable annuity payments are made to a variety of investment opportunities stocks, bonds, and managed accounts that uctuate on the basis of investment results Investors can switch their funds from one investment option to another without having to pay taxes The risk of return transfers from the insurance company to the policyholder Variable annuities serve as a hedge against in ation, whereas xed annuities do not 6 Systematic withdrawal plans A Transferring or rolling over a lump sum amount from a quali ed retirement account into an IRA account B Systematic distribution from an IRA account, generally on a monthly basis to supplement income C The goal is to invest in securities stocks, bonds, and cash that provide in ation-adjusted income with a return on principal D The client and adviser would need to determine the after-tax income
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