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coaching to help them discover how they can do this and we need coaching to provide an outlet for discussing the stress and fatigue that is the inevitable result People have the potential for high or increasing performance but awareness, responsibility and trust must link the two
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Pressure to maintain performance Just because we can reach levels of high performance does not mean we can automatically stay there There is sadly no valve to stop performance levels dropping off The key is learning and enjoyment which coaching seems to cultivate better than any other development approach This is probably due to the fact that coaching is tailor made for the individual performer and thus discovers exactly what learning is required for that individual and how that individual can best enjoy what they do There is also the challenge of switching aims It is arguably more dif cult to sustain a level of performance than to get there in the rst place as any serial dieter will tell you The best bet is to switch to time related performance goals, ie to forecast how long we can maintain a level of performance
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Red tape I guess it might all sound a bit unreal by now and seem as if I m suggesting that coaching is some kind of cure all Coaching isn t a panacea and there are plenty of problems it won t solve Neither is it a universal approach to managing people and there will be times when we need a more directive approach Nevertheless coaching is a way of mobilising potential and helping people nd a way forward It can allow people to explore their frustrations with work and that can include devising ways of coping with the
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creeping bureaucracy and seemingly needless procedures that seem to be on the increase these days The principle of responsibility is really useful here in that we can invite our coachees to consider other options to the bureaucratic processes that cause frustration It s surprising how often people realise that rules concerning health and safety, con dentiality, data protection and so on are actually very necessary and also the sort of rules they d invent themselves if that was their task This realisation can help generate a feeling of ownership and responsibility
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Low productivity Low productivity, if it persists, can be quite demoralising for all concerned It will also result in some alarming consequences if left unchecked Unfortunately demoralised or frightened people do not produce their best performance and so we need a way of getting things back on track Through coaching we can understand the reasons for low productivity, we can set some carefully constructed performance goals to bring it back on track and we can enable those whom we coach to share in the responsibility for restoring productivity In this way we will not only address the low productivity but also learn how better to avoid the same problems recurring
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Busy At the other end of the scale is the pressure that comes from being too busy All managers recognise the vicious circle that this can produce: Too busy to coach and develop; unable to delegate work and tasks Therefore the busyness continues We can also have the entire organisation seeming too busy to coach and develop the staff There is no magic wand and ultimately someone has to make
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the decision to invest in the long term as well as attending to current workloads The good news though is that coaching is the quickest and most effective way of bringing people on Then we can delegate and grow people s skills Then we ll seem less busy and we can take more time out for development and then we re really up and running
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Pressure to achieve quality standards Achieving quality standards enables organisations to demonstrate that they meet their obligations to external bodies It also illustrates that our organisation can rise to a challenge and be selfscrutinising This can be helpful in building a brand image amongst customers and employees alike We can use coaching to generate a sense of ownership of the work involved in achieving the standard and also to examine the policies and processes that may need to change The reality stage of the coaching ARROW can be particularly helpful in this regard
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SUMMARY Summarising the business case for coaching also enables me to make the neatest of summaries for the book as a whole In these times of tightening labour markets, scarce skills and the war for talent a big part of the case for coaching is the positive contribution it can make to a reputation as a sound employer Surely the single biggest in uence on an employer brand is the treatment of staff by managers and leaders Coaching can help reduce staff turnover as ultimately people leave managers not organisations and the reduction in turnover will have as big an impact on stability and retaining skills as it will on the recruitment budget A stable, capable workforce then provides a pool of talent
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